"sensible, prudent"

Sophronia Origin and Meaning

The name Sophronia is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "sensible, prudent".
A name some people first encountered in the old children's book series The Five Little Peppers, in which Sophronia, the youngest of the Peppers is nicknamed Phronsie.`It was also used by Dickens in two of his novels: The Old Curiosity Shop and Our Mutual Friend.

An archaic option for elaborating on Sophie/Sophia.

Sophronia Popularity

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Famous People Named Sophronia

  • Sophronia Zulema Wilson WagonerAmerican missionary and social worker
  • Sophronia Smithsister of American Mormon leader Joseph Smith
  • Sophronia Woodruff DewsAmerican founder of Alpha Delta Pi sorority
  • Sophronia BucklinAmerican Civil War nurse
  • Sophronia Ann Hurd TerwilligerAmerican pioneer in Oregon

Sophronia in Pop Culture

  • First used by Boccaccio in The Decameron (1350)
  • Sofronialover of Olinde in Tasso's epic Jerusalem Delivered (1580)
  • Sophronia Sphynxcharacter in The Old Curiosity Shop (1841) by Charles Dickens
  • Sophronia Angelina Temminnickspunky heroine of Gail Carriger's steampunk Finishing School series
  • Safroniathe second woman in Nina Simone's song "Four Women"
  • Sophroniusname of several saints
  • Sophroniacity name in Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities"

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