Greek, meaning unknown

Jocasta Origin and Meaning

The name Jocasta is a girl's name of Greek origin.

Jocasta is a mythological name fashionably used in England, but mostly ignored here. She was the mother of Oedipus, King of Thebes, whom he (oops) unwittingly married. If you can ignore that small error in judgment, you'll find an interesting and attractive J name that's neither overused nor terminally dated.

Jocasta is also a moon of Jupiter, and a Cloud Atlas character, playing in the film by Halle Berry.

Famous People Named Jocasta

  • Jocasta Odomcontestant on Big Brother 16

Jocasta in Pop Culture

  • Jocastacharacter in the television series 'Rome'
  • Jocasta Grimstoneold despot in 'The Last and the First' (1971) by Ivy Compton,Burnett
  • 'Jocasta Carr Movie Star' children's book
  • Jocasta Bachelorcharacter in "The Sims 3" computer game
  • Jocasta Nucharacter in the Star Wars prequel trilogy
  • "Jocasta"song by indie band Noah and the Whale
  • Jocasta Cameroncharacter in the book series"Outlander"