Icelandic nature name, variation of Sólja, Faroese

Soley Origin and Meaning

The name Soley is a girl's name meaning "buttercup".
Sóley is the Icelandic word for the buttercup flower, derived from the words meaning "sun" and "island." It is also used on the Faroe Islands as a short form of Sólja.

Soley Popularity

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Famous People Named Soley

  • Sóley StefánsdóttirIcelandic singer of band Seabear
  • Guðrún Sóley GunnarsdóttirIcelandic footballer

Soley in Pop Culture

  • Pronounced 'SOlay' (a bit like Soleil), means 'buttercup' in Icelandic (literally 'sun,island').

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