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The name Sir is a boy's name .

We've got Saint, we've got King, we've got Prince Duke Bishop Deacon and Messiah. So why not Sir? The name of Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn son, Sir is an honorific and a word name that fits right in with current trends. And it does guarantee your son will be addressed with respect, at least nominally.

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OceanSky Says:


I’ve known several Black men named Sir, so this isn’t weird to me. Their parents all had the same reasoning for naming their child Sir too (though I don’t think Bey and J had the same reasons) and race dynamics was a key factor.

Edited to add: "A mother and father in 1970s Texas named their newborn “Miss” so that white people would have no choice but to address their daughter by that title.”

Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud) changed his name for this reason as well. It’s also the number one reason for Black boys being named Sir.

OceanSky Says:


Blanket’s real name is Prince.

rebekkahfowler Says:


I personally don’t think North nor Saint are horrible names. North is charming and I enjoy the sound of it. Saint is a little on the more obnoxious side and kind of pompous. Sounds more than a dog than a person. Sir, however, is the most pompous name they could have chosen for this kid. It’s horrid.

rebekkahfowler Says:


I’m sorry, Sir, but your name sucks.

Francoamericano Says:


I don't understand, why people hate it that much. Its not that bad, celebs have named kids much worst

clairels Says:


Blanket is a nickname. His real name is Prince Michael Jackson II.

Ella Says:


Blanket is not a name!

Leonina Says:


Thanks :) I appreciate you answering in such a polite manner.

Anyhow, I think people being offended is pretty timeless thing.

And the things we say or do obviously send certain signals to the people around us. If you want to use the term Christian name then that's obviously your right. But depending on the context some people might assume certain things (which is obviously also their right).

-EagleEyes- Says:


Compared to some other celebrities, I think Beyoncé did well in the naming field. I wouldn't personally use any of her children's names, but I don't actively dislike them. Rumi and Sir are cool names for celebrity twins, and Blue Ivy is a great sister name. I think they go well together, despite the fact I don't actually love their names.

SloaneSquare Says:


I appreciate what you're saying but I think that people are too easily offended nowadays

pixelatedinfants Says:


Good point.

ThatsAmore Says:


Nah, Blanket has gotta be worse. Who'd wanna be a Blanket? I'd rather be a Sir. And this must be the most ridiculous sentence I've written. lol

pixelatedinfants Says:


i flucking love harry potter ok!!!!!!!!!!! and i hate snape

pixelatedinfants Says:


Sounds like it's a magical power from Sailor Moon or some 90's anime

pixelatedinfants Says:


Almost as bad as Blanket

Leonina Says:


Moon is actually rather sweet (and imo definitely better than Sir...)
If they didn't actually use her first name IRL and just stuck to Moon...

Leonina Says:


Saying it's "a title not a Christian name" seems to imply that a name ought to be Christian/ that non-Christian names are ridiculous.
Seeing as you do know that there are "Confirmation names", "Hebrew" names etc that seems to be a bit thoughtless.
Imo it all depends on context. "This is my son's Christian name." is perfectly fine.

But - for example saying - "Kaede is a ridiculous first name, it isn't a Christian name" would be slightly insensitive.
Edit: That's probably why your phrasing might offend some people.

Leonina Says:


Blue is ok imo. Ruby, Sienna, Grey, Blue etc... and Ivy is a normal name. Same category as Rose, Violet, Heather etc..

Sir however? Sir Fluffy? Sir Pickles? Sir Bramble? Sir Barry? Sure.

For a baby? No way :=0

SparkleNinja18 Says:


Blue Ivy is fine. Rumi is darling, fits beautifully with her sister (although neither name is my style). Sir is ridiculous.

Scorpio Says:


$20 says he's going to end up changing his ridiculous name when he turns 18.

ThatsAmore Says:



ThatsAmore Says:


While it's being mentioned, "Christian" is an actual first name as well.

ThatsAmore Says:


Agreed. Obviously all the above is correct. I thought the definition of Sir went without explaining further; but thanks for elaborating. Naturally vibe & definitions go hand in hand. I'm not really sure why the attitude but I totally understand your point and feelings. Respect always is down to the person themselves. (As well parents have the job of teaching that stuff in the beginning.) You have it or lose it based on personal actions, not a name title. Although names can/do make some minor initial influence. I personally don't equate a name with equalling some automatic value like people seemingly suggest. So rather it is just a name. In hindsight tho, I forget that Sir is also a Knighted Title term. Unless I knew a person is stylized with Sir as Title, I generally place it in same vein as a general address. Like Mister. (And IMHO Sir is not as tied into overwhelming title like Saint or Lord.) With all this talk of Lord and Prince, is everyone suddenly from England? Ha. But still, a name can be a name separate from a defined title. But anyway, I do agree. I wonder if it'll grate more over time? Hope the kid doesn't grow to be stuck up.

(Is anyone being reminded of that freakonomics book where some parents actually named their kids winner & loser, or something like that - and the authors followed up with those kids and their lives went like reverse to their names? Fascinating stuff.)

ThatsAmore Says:


Yes, surprisingly. Before my time but somehow I grew up hearing of it when people mentioned crazy names. There's also a Pilot Inspektor, out there... Some celebs really go for attention grabbing I guess.

She's a Killer Queen Says:


And here I thought no celebrity couple could possibly sink any lower in the field of ridiculous baby names (and maybe more than that?) than the people who came up with North and Saint West... guess I was wrong!

autumnreverie Says:


What is it with celebs giving their children ridiculous names?

autumnreverie Says:


A Christian name is a person's first name...

Abbott Says:


It's true. it's not always good to doubt the media.

Bassilly Says:


Who would've ever thought Kim would do something better than Beyonce hahaha

SloaneSquare Says:


Spoken, sui generis, I'm not going to stop saying Christian name, it would be a feigned attempt at multi culturalism
It would be a dilution of my culture and beliefs. Is a Catholic no longer allowed to say "Confirmation name”, or a Jew allowed to say “Hebrew name” ?
Is a Muslim now frowned upon from using the phrase, 'an Islamic name’ in conversation? Can we no longer search/discuss names for our children and reference our heritage?
Do we really all have to disappear and lose our identities and form a generic mass?

RueRooRue Says:


Frank Zappa's daughter's name is Moon Unit. You might not have known because she was born in 1967 and has sorta faded from the spotlight.

Catgirlmri Says:


I'm sure you didn't mean anything by that comment, and I agree that Sir is sort of ridiculous, but not every name is Christian, because not every person is Christian.

Catgirlmri Says:


Someone named their poor kid Moon Unit?! I know I don't pay any attention whatsoever to celebrities or anything, but Moon Unit? Really?

Catgirlmri Says:


That was a great quote. The same cannot be said for the name.

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


I feel like the fact that their last name is Carter (which is a common first name) makes the name Sir even more title sounding and less name sounding. It jst makes me think "Arise Sir Carter, knight of Camelot..."

Baylis Says:


Has anyone discussed the fact that the name Sir Carter doesn't actually make sense? I'm not an expert, but as far as I am aware the title Sir is never used next to a surname. Never. It is only used at the beginning of the full name, or in front of the first name,
e.g. Sir Ben Kingsley or
Sir Ben.
If Beyoncé and Jay Z had spent just 5 minutes researching this name/title they would realise that.
I have seen articles that claim the baby is called Sir Carter Carter. I know this is incorrect, I think it is just down to British journalists trying to make sense of the name.

stella2007 Says:


Sir Carter sounds good together but everyone is just going to call him Sir which isn't that great. Rumi is okay and Blue is just awful. Saint is a thousand times better.

SumiSum Says:


makes me think of that Harry Potter quote ' no need to call me sir, professor' lol

SloaneSquare Says:


Sir is a ridiculous first name, like calling a child, Marquis or Lord, it is a title not a Christian name.

Josie1497 Says:


I believe Beyonce's mother confirmed the names in an Instagram post this morning.

lirio Says:


Maybe the reason it seems like there is some command of dignity or respect in Sir is because Sir is a title given to people as a mark of dignity or respect? Except in that case it's given as a reward for an actual achievement or service. You can't expect a baby to command respect just by calling it Sir, respect is something you have to earn. This is the naming equivalent of a fake designer handbag - all the glitz, none of the substance.

lirio Says:


They really dropped the ball on this one. Blue Ivy is fine, although not my style, but people have been naming their daughters after colours and plants for centuries, and it's quite pretty as far as names like that go. I actually like Rumi, it's a real name, it's unusual and evocative and has interesting historical associations. But Sir is just absurd. It's not even an 'occupation' like King or Saint or Lord, it's literally just a title. They might as well call him Mr. I also can't understand why people who already have so much money and influence would lumber their child with such a grasping, brazenly aspirational name. I would be so embarrassed to be called that. I would say poor kid but frankly he's got it made so I don't feel that sorry for him!

ThatsAmore Says:


In regard to Bey & Jay-Z's kids - I never really felt I got behind "Blue Ivy" (why not just Ivy?) and Rumi is passible but not that appealing to me; however there is something about Sir I could get behind. There seems like some command of dignity or respect in a name like Sir Carter. And it flows. It is also not so different from Sid or Suri... I find it significantly better than a name like Saint or Moon Unit. So I although it would never be my style, I can dig this one.

bienchen Says:


please don't

aly Says:



iipostmvh Says:


I agree. Silly is how I feel about Blue and Sir.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I thought Blue Ivy was pretty silly. Rumi isn't that great either (though it's not too bad), but Sir is by far the worst. In my opinion this is something you would name a toy or a pet. And if it really does fit in with modern trends then I guess naming standards are officially going down-hill. Have to admit though, "Sir" would make for a pretty cute senior dog name...

Fatima Says:


You can't always believe the media.

clairels Says:


Virtually all the media is reporting it as true.

Fatima Says:


Till Jay & Beyonce confirm it themselves than its still just rumor

Leah_ Says:


No. Just no.