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Gender: M Meaning of Simeon: "God is listening" Origin of Simeon: Hebrew

Could Simeon be the next Gideon? Parents seeking a less simple form of Simon might consider this biblical appellation that was chosen by Wynton Marsalis for his son. Simon is actually the Greek substitute for Simeon.

The first known Simeon was Leah and Jacob's son, who gave his name to one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the Simeonites; in the New Testament it is the name of the man who blessed the infant Christ. Both Simeon and Simon were popular names for saints. One caveat: Simeon is undeniably similar to the word meaning "apelike".

Famous People Named Simeon

Simeon I, tsar of Bulgaria
Simeon Borisov Saxe-Coburg-Gotha aka Simeon II, exiled tsar of Bulgaria and Prime Minister
Simeon bar Yochai, 1st-century Israelite tannaic sage
Simeon Slavens Willis, American politician; 46th Governor of Kentucky
Simeon Solomon, Pre-Raphaelite painter
Simeon Alexander Jackson, Canadian soccer player
Siméon Denis Poisson, French mathematician
Simeon James Rice, American NFL player
Simeon V. Marcelo, Filipino lawyer and ombdusman
Simeon Mangiuca, Austro-Hungarian ethnic Romanian folklorist
Simeon Hassan Muñoz (b. 2007), son of Princess Kalina of Bulgaria, granddaughter Simeon II

Pop Culture References for the name Simeon

Simeon, a son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament