Gender: Male Meaning of Sherlock: "fair-haired" Origin of Sherlock: English

Sherlock Origin and Meaning

The name Sherlock is a boy's name of English origin meaning "fair-haired".

If ever there was a one-person name, it's probably Sherlock. But Sherlock Holmes the character has arguably never been hotter: he's been played by Robert Downey Jr., Ian McKellen, Jonny Lee Miller and, most memorably, Benedict Cumberbatch, in various film and TV adaptations over the last few years. So you never know.

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Mikey_pp Says:


This is my dog's name, Sherlock Hound, Dog Detective. Lol. But anyway, an issue I've noticed is people miss hear it a lot and can't seem to pronounce it in real life. They think it's 'Shirley' or something. Even once you explain; sherlock, you know, like the detective. They be like 'oh yeah' but they'll still have trouble pronouncing it or call him leland, locky, whatever. It doesn't seem to roll off the tongue well for most people.

headintheclouds Says:


As much as I love the detective at 221 Baker Street, this wouldn't really be a viable first name option. Sherlock would be a really fun middle name though-- I'd imagine it'd be cool when people find out your S. initial actually stands for Sherlock! Or this would be great on a pet puppy with an inquisitive nature, or a basset hound!

Haids1987 Says:


I knew a puppy named Sherlock. :-) Honestly though, I think that Sherlock might make a cool middle name.

Rachel Blalock Says:


IF the meaning is actually "fair shouldered" it is most likely a girl's name. White or "fair" skin, particularly on the face, neck, shoulders, and hands was a sign of a wealthy woman and was much desired for aesthetics historically. If you had the luxury of being indoors and out of the sun, it meant you weren't working, so you had the luxury of wealth and servants to work your garden or fields, or sell your wares.

I've never really been a fan of it, personally. HUGE Conan Doyle fan, have been since I was about nine or ten, but I love the name Holmes. ;)

RoddyThlayli Says:


I love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, and BBC's Sherlock, but I think the Nameberry description is pretty accurate. Maybe a middle name.

vintageisfave Says:


I love reading the comments for this name, haha. Only a hardcore Sherlockian would name their kid this :P

euphemiadwarlock9 Says:


Me - Darling, have you seen the front door key?
Sherlock - No.
Me - Oh God, I hope no one's nicked them!
Sherlock - The game's afoot, Mummy!

Shishi Says:


Omg yes! Little girl Sherlock Watson!
I not kidding, I'd name my kid after Sherlock Holmes! :-)

blueandyellow Says:


Love this name! Can't believe it hasn't gone into the main stream in the past 100 years

hamwan Says:


I think Sherlock is a boy's name.

booknerdhere Says:


Looks like the Sherlockians found this page XD If I have a boy his middle name shall be Sherlock!

Myosotis Says:


Hahaha. :D I actually thought the quote box colours on the homepage corresponded with genders at first. The comments on Sherlock were in pink, so I seriously believed Nameberry had Sherlock as a girls name. :P

Nooshi Says:


Honestly, I can just imagine how sassy a kid named Sherlock would be:
Girl who has crush on him: 'Umm. Hi Sherlock- I was wondering, would you like to have coffee?'
Sherlock (not Benedict Sherlock, but Sherlock the child): *puts on sassy pants* 'Black, two sugars please- I'll be upstairs.' *Saunters off to cool cat music, leaving girl slightly dumbfounded.*

sorciereblanche Says:


Sherlock is actually a girl's name.

Myosotis Says:


No, you are not alone! I've got it is a middle for my fave boys name (which has a literary theme). I'd love to have Sherlock as a middle name, if I was a boy of course. :P

Nooshi Says:


Am I the only person who thinks this would make an awesome middle name?