Gender: Male Meaning of Sasha: "defending men" Origin of Sasha: Russian diminutive of Alexander

Sasha Origin and Meaning

The name Sasha is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "defending men".

The energetic Russian nickname name Sasha is being used increasingly on its own, though since the prominence of the First Daughter, more than 90% of the American babies named Sasha are girls. Sacha Baron Cohen bears one of the alternate spellings.

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Famous People Named Sasha

Pop Culture References for the name Sasha

Sashok, Dacha, Sash, Sashka, Sausha

Sasha's International Variations

Sascha (German) Sacha (French)


wntrrs Says:


Sasha isn't "the traditionally masculine name", traditionally it's a short form of Alexander AND Alexandra - 2 names of different genders. So TRADITIONALLY Sasha is totally unisex. But I think the problem is not in traditions, but in how Sasha looks and sounds - totally feminine, because of the soft sounding and the 'a' ending. Sasha is the same as Lola or Lana for ears, of course you can name a boy Lola and tell everybody they are idiots if dot get you, but come on...

stellarvra99 Says:


Love it for both boys and girls ♥♥

stella2007 Says:


I really like Sacha spelt with the C instead of the S. I've always thought of Sacha and Sasha as a boys name. It's very common in Europe.

maevejunebug Says:


hi pam

pam Says:


Ok, time to end this particular thread. I think we have said what needs to be said regarding this name.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


You can't possibly think that Sasha is in the saame league as Gay, Dick and Nimrod - names that have become common and unsavoury words? And you can't possibly think that Sasha would cause mental or physical harm to a child, could you? I'm not going to address the rest of your comment because I think you've blown it well out of proportion

clairels Says:


I suppose you also think it's s wrong for parents not to name their kid Gay, Dick, or Nimrod for fear they'd be bullied. News flash: THEY WOULD. And it is absolutely not "victim blaming" for a parent to want to protect their kid from mental or physical harm. It's called being a good parent. And by the way,, let's stop telling kids not to get in cars with strangers, because if we do, then it's blaming kidnapping victims for their own kidnapping.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


You left a comment stating your opinion. And I responded. As it stands, I don't agree with the 'peer pressure and bullying' argument. Because none of us have any idea what'll happen to a boy named Sasha, but for the record - the ones I know are perfectly fine. I also don't agree with the argument because it blames the bully victim (in this case, for having a perfectly normal name), and not the bully.

That's my opinion. I wasn't denying you yours by offering mine. So relax. If you don't like what I'm saying then that's fine. I won't be replying again because I've said all that I needed to. In the meantime, I suggest you stop taking names so seriously yourself, and just enjoy Sasha for what it is - a lovely, traditional boy name. :)

Yara Says:


Relax, stop taking names so seriously. We're allowed to have different opinions on names. And you're ignoring the effect peer pressure and bullying have on kids.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


1. I don't see why Sasha being more common with girls (depending on where you live) would be a problem.
2. If someone were to have a problem with Sasha on a boy, changing a single letter isn't going to accomplish anything as Sacha will still be a girl name, to them , especially since it's still pronounced the same way.
3. Anyone who would tease or target a boy for bearing the traditionally masculine name Sasha is an idiot. And idiots should never be catered to when naming ones children.

Yara Says:


The 'Sasha' spelling is more common and more popular with girls. Since the 'Sacha' spelling is more rare, it's not as associated with girls, so the kid probably won't be teased as much for having a 'girl's' name.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I don't see how changing one letter is going to 'make life a little easier'. Nor do I see how the Sasha spelling could make life harder.

Yara Says:


This is still a good boy name, but I would probably use the 'Sacha' spelling to make life a little easier for the kid.

RoddyThlayli Says:


To me, if you pronounce it Saw-shuh, it sounds masculine, but Sash-uh (sash like crash) sounds feminine.

Catastroffy Says:


I know it's not. That's just the association I have with it, unfortunately, since I've known several female Sashas, but no male ones. It is growing on me as a boy's name, though.

madison786 Says:


hates this name for a boy

indiefendi2 Says:


It warms my heart seeing celebrities taking the name back to the boy side 😜

Guest Says:


those dreaded a ending names that girls steal. It's happening to my beloved Ezra *cringe*

Catastroffy Says:


I wish I could see this as a good boy's name, but it seems exclusively female to me.

Guest Says:


I like the Sacha spelling better for a boy, like Sacha Baron Cohen. I think it's a cute name either way!

kitchi1 Says:


Not sure if I prefer it on a boy or a girl...

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I love Sasha for a boy, hate it for a girl

rainierloner Says:


I agree. Sasha works much better on a male. :)

writtenmania Says:


heart eye emoji needed