Sapphire 🔥

Gender: Female Meaning of Sapphire: "blue" Origin of Sapphire: Hebrew, Greek, and Latin jewel name

Sapphire Origin and Meaning

The name Sapphire is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "blue".

Sapphire goes waaaaay beyond Ruby and Pearl. This September birthstone, occasionally used a century ago, might be worth a reappraisal, perhaps as a Sophie/Sophia alternative. Sapphire is the pseudonym of Romona Lofton, who wrote the book Push, which was turned into the movie Precious.

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Famous People Named Sapphire

Pop Culture References for the name Sapphire

Saffira, Safira, Saphyra, Sapira, Sephira, Saphira, Sapheria, Safire, Sappha, Saphyre, Saffire, Saphire

Sapphire's International Variations

Sapphira (Greek)


Chloeannie Says:


This is my daughters name. I think Sapphire is viewed Differently in the states. Here in England People have nothing but compliments for her name .it’s the stone in princess Dianna and The Duchess of Cambridge Kate’s Engagement Ring. My daughter loves her name as ruby ,pearl, jade ,Amber and Ebony are all popular here so she’s my little unique gem . Her nick names from everyone are Saph, Saffie ,Fire and my mum calls her Daffadil or saffie daffie duck 😂 random .

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


Sapphire reminds me of a gold digger.

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


That's a bit hypocritical, considering the fact that you told @lindakovtoun and I quote that:
"Your name sucks it sounds like an old lady name and you should not like it". (I did not edit this)

Sapphire Says:


My name is sapphire..... and I absolutely HATE IT when people say that my name sounds like a porn star and when they say it sounds like a stripper, but apart from that I LOVE ❤️ my name is very unique and I’m the only one in college with my name, and I love the gem, it’s very pretty and I love the color blue it’s my favorite color I have a lot of sapphire jewelry and I got married with a sapphire ring it’s great!

Sapphire Says:


THATS RUDE MY NAME IS SAPPHIRE even thought your not trying to be rude NEWSFLASH! This name is used

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


If it weren't for Pokemon, I probably wouldn't even associate the three, to be honest. Still not really a fan of Sapphire (as a name, I never played any fof those 3 games) and I don't know why.

pixelatedinfants Says:


Many people are saying they prefer the name Emerald...but I personally dont. I'd name my kid Sapphire and nickname her Sapphy or Sophie

pixelatedinfants Says:


ok now were just naming pokemon games. ruby sapphire and emerald. lol

pixelatedinfants Says:


dont forget about the most abstract gem name of them all: Steven!
Lmao, Anyway, I think Jasper works well as a name if it doesnt remind you of Jasper from SU! Also I love Sapphire as a name.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This is one of my favourite gemstone names, along with Emerald, Jade, Pearl, etc. I love most of the gemstone names, as they are kind of an obsession for me. I only like them for girls though, apart from the awesome Jasper. Good for Alanis that she named her daughter Onyx. I love that name for girls, and can't stand it for boys.

Cherilyn Says:


like this name, for a boy though

snowsbeloved Says:


I think Garnet is great--for both genders!

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Really like gem names so Sapphire is a winner for me. Sapphire can be a cute name as well a name a sophisticated lady would have. Sapphire is also a good name for a baby born in September, but does not have to be at all. Sapphire Isobel sounds nice to me.

gummybear0724 Says:


I like the combination Amelia Sapphire.

Catherine Rose Says:


I can`t wrap my head around this being an actual name. In my mind it will always be a stripper name. No offence to those who like it.

caetano Says:


Onyx (for a boy) and Amethyst are awesome

nipnerb Says:


Little bit too much...

nipnerb Says:


Onyx, Goldie, Garnet, and Amethyst are a lot worse than Silver. Although jem names aren't my thing across the board.

strawberrydino Says:


If Emerald, Ruby, Amber, Pearl, Crystal, Jade, Garnet, Goldie, Onyx, Jasper, Amethyst, Opal, Jewel(s) and even Gemma is okay how come Sapphire, Topaz, & Silver are over the top? Like really people? There are worse names.

bendogmon Says:


This is one of the names I'd want to name my child.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Oddly enough, this is one gemstone name I'm not very fond of, despite my love of gemstone names. I highly prefer the names Ruby and Emerald.

amberdaydream Says:


I love the "fire" sound at the end of the name. It makes me think of something burning blue. Better than Sapphira. This is becoming more popular in England as an alternative to Sophie and Sophia. It's even more popular than Saffron, as Saffron is a tad dated (only by a couple of years though).

Guest Says:


a bit over the top for me but the gem is so darn gorgeous!!!

heatherjoy92 Says:


My favorite gemstone.

lesliemarion Says:


Love the word but as a name, I am doubtful. My high school boys (I teach) say it is a hooker's name. Now, Sapphira sounds lovely.

Athena_hime15 Says:


This name is one of my guilty pleasures.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I'm very keen on this name, but for a person it might seem a bit...well, a bit much.

faithnamer Says:


Interesting name! I like this better than Sapphira.