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Gender: F Origin of Sandy: Diminutive of Sandra or Alexandra

Nickname name hep in the era of Grease.

Famous People Named Sandy

Alexandra Elene MacLean "Sandy" Denny, English folk singer/songwriter
Sandy Leah Lima, Brazilian singer and actress
Sandra Kay "Sandy" Duncan, American actress and singer
Sandy West (born Sandra Sue Pesavento), American drummer of The Runaways
Sandra "Sandy" Descher, American actress
Sandra DaleSandyDennis, American actress
Sandra "Sandy" Chambers, British dance music singer
Sandy Johnson, American model
Sandy Mölling, German singer and TV personality
Sandy Powell, English costume designer

Pop Culture References for the name Sandy

Sandy Olsson, main character in musical & movie "Grease"
Sandy, Sodapop's ex in "The Outsiders"
Sandy Cheeks, character in animated series "SpongeBob Squarepants"
Sandy Hook Elementary School, site of mass shooting, December 2012
Hurricane (aka Superstorm) Sandy, October 2012
"Sandy," song by Dion DiMucci
"4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)", song by Bruce Springsteen

Sandi, Sanndi, Sandye, Sandie, Sandee, Sandya