French, diminutive of Josephine
"Jehovah increases"

Fifi Origin and Meaning

The name Fifi is a girl's name of Spanish, French origin meaning "Jehovah increases".

Fifi is a perfect name -- for a French poodle. But Fifi may seem more child-friendly as names like Coco and Lulu rise. Fifi in its fluffiness also balances the seriousness of such full names as Josephine or Federica.

Fifi Popularity

Famous People Named Fifi

  • Fifi d'Orsay (born MarieRose Angelina Yvonne Lussier), Canadian actress
  • Fifi Cooper (born Refilwe Boingotlo Mooketsi)South African singer
  • Fiona "Fifi" BoxAustralian radio and TV presenter
  • Ingrid "Fifi" FingerGerman beauty queen; Miss International 1965
  • Mademoiselle Fifistage name of Mary Elizabeth Dawson (born Elizabeth Buzby), American burlesque dancer
  • Fifi HartEnglish actress
  • Fifi Abdou (born Atiyat Abdul Fattah Ibrahim)Egyptian belly dancer
  • Fifi Young (born Nonie Tan)Indonesian actress
  • Fifi Trixibelle Geldof (b. 1983)daughter of singer,songwriter Bob Geldof

Fifi in Pop Culture

  • Fifi Forgetme,not, main character in British animated series "Fifi and the Flowertots"
  • Fifimale poodle in the Open Season film series
  • "Fifi Blows Her Top" Three Stooges short film
  • Fifi La Fumeskunk in animated series "Tiny Toon Adventures"
  • Fifi the Duckcharacter in Howard the Duck comics
  • Fifi the PekeMinnie Mouse's dog in Disney cartoons
  • Fifislang for artificial vagina