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Gender: F Origin of Sabrina: Celtic mythology name; Latin name for the River Severn Sabrina's Popularity in 2015: #355

Sabrina, the bewitchingly radiant name of a legendary Celtic goddess, is best known as the heroine of the eponymous film, originally played by Audrey Hepburn, and later as a teenage TV witch; it would make a distinctive alternative to the ultrapopular Samantha. Similar names you might also want to consider include Sabina and Serena.

In Milton's poem "Comus," the river nymph is addressed as Sabrina Fair, which became the title of a 1953 play. In the original Charlie's Angels, Sabrina was played by Kate Jackson.

Sabrina debuted on the US popularity charts in 1953, and one year later, with the release of the Audrey Hepburn film, shot up 550 places, reaching the Top 100 in 1977. It's now at Number 355.

Famous People Named Sabrina

Sabrina Le Beauf, American actress
Sabrina Bryan, American actress and singer
Sabrina Dornhoefer, American middle distance runner
Sabrina High, reality TV personality ("Breaking Amish")
Sabrina Sakae Mottola (2007),Tommy Mottola&Thalia Miranda's child
Sabrina Starkman (b. 2005), daughter of Cindy Margolis
Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter (b. 1999), teenage American actress and singer
Sabrina Thauvin, French Illustrator

Pop Culture References for the name Sabrina

Sabrina Spellman, from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV series) and Sabrina the animated series
Sabrina Fairchild, name of Audrey Hepburn's character in the film "Sabrina", and later, Julia Ormond's
Sabrina Duncan, one of original Charlie's Angels (1970s TV show)
Sabrina Collins on the TV show "Raising Hope"
Sabrina Grimm, protagonist in Michael Buckley's "The Sisters Grimm" series
Sabrina, Gym Leader for Saffron City in "Pokemon"
Sabrina, character from Miraculous Ladybug