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Gender: F Origin of Roma: Italian place-name

Never as popular as Florence; today's parents might prefer Venezia, Verona, or Romy. It is also a Hindu name meaning "one with shiny hair" and is another name for the goddess Lakshmi.

Famous People Named Roma

Roma Flinders Mitchell, first woman Governor of an Australian state
Roma Downey, Northern Irish actress
Roma Shane Ryan, Irish lyricist for singer Enya
Roma Maffia, American actress
Roma Asrani, Indian Malayalam actress
Roma Baran, Canadian record producer
Roma Ligocka, Polish costume designer
Roma Egan, Australian child actress and dancer
Roma Pryma-Bohachevsky, Ukrainian dancer
Roma Tearne, Sri Lankan novelist

Pop Culture References for the name Roma

Roma Courtney, main character in the movie "Supernatural"
Roma, a subgroup of the Romani people (also known as "gypsies," though this term is considered pejorative)
Roma, Italian for Rome
Roma, type of tomato
Roma's Pizza, popular pizzareia in Brooklyn, NY

Romelle, Romina, Romma, Romilda