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Gender: M Meaning of Ralphie: "wolf-counsel" Origin of Ralphie: Diminutive of Ralph

Ralphie is one of those short forms that have been out of style for so long it just might have a chance of coming back in, if you can get past seeing it as a desperate attempt to cute-ify a stodgy old man's name.

Many would associate it with the boy in A Christmas Story.

Famous People Named Ralphie

Ralph O. "Ralphie" May, American comedian
Ralph "Ralphie B." Barendse, Dutch trance DJ

Pop Culture References for the name Ralphie

Ralphie Parker, main character in film "A Christmas Story"
Ralph "Ralphie" Cifaretto, character on TV's "The Sopranos"
Ralphie Mahone, character on Australian soap "Neighbours"
Ralphie Tennelli, character in the Magic School Bus series
Ralphie Boy, nickname for Ralph Kramden on TV's "The Honeymooners"
Ralphie the Buffalo, University of Colorado mascot