English occupational name
"wheel maker"

Wheeler Origin and Meaning

The name Wheeler is a boy's name of English origin meaning "wheel maker".

Wheeler is one of the most energetic of the newly stylish occupational names, all those 'e's giving it a friendly, freewheeling sound.

Wheeler has some historical cred via the nineteenth Vice President of the United States, William Almon Wheeler.

# 713 in the US

Wheeler Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Wheeler

  • Wheeler OakmanAmerican actor
  • Wheeler Winston DixonAmerican film director and critic
  • Wheeler Peckham BloodgoodAmerican lawyer
  • Wheeler DrydenEnglish actor and half,brother of Charlie Chaplin
  • Wheeler Hazard PeckhamAmerican lawyer and Supreme Court nominee
  • Wheeler WilliamsAmerican sculptor

Wheeler in Pop Culture

  • Joey Wheelercharacter in manga/anime "Yu,Gi,Oh!"
  • Russ Wheelercharacter in movie "Days of Thunder"
  • Earle Wheelercharacter in movie "Path to War"
  • Wheelerone of the Planeteers on animated TV series "Captain Planet"
  • Wheelersaliens in "The Goblin Reservation" by Clifford Simak
  • Wheeleralien in "Signal to Noise" by Eric S. Nylund
  • Wheeler family in TV's "Stranger Things"
  • Anne and W.D. Wheelercharacters in movie "The Greatest Showman"