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Gender: M Meaning of Porter: "gatekeeper" Origin of Porter: Latin occupational name Porter's Popularity in 2016: #422

A quintessential yuppie name, this surname name reentered the US Top 1000 in 1999 after a forty-year absence and has risen almost every year since. It currently sits at Number 422.

Famous People Named Porter

Porter Wayne Wagoner, American country music singer
(Clifford) Porter Hall, American actor
Porter James McCumber, U.S. Senator from North Dakota
Porter Johnston Goss, U.S. Congressman and CIA director
Porter Hinman Dale, U.S. Congressman from Vermont
Porter Ward Lainhart, American NFL football player
(Orrin) Porter Rockwell, American Mormon lawman and folk hero
Porter Weston Robinson, American electronic music producer
Porter Rabach, son of NFL player Casey Rabach
Porter Deru, son of vlogger Julie Deru
Denaun Porter aka Mr. Porter and Kon Artis, American rapper
Cole Porter, American composer and songwriter

Pop Culture References for the name Porter

Porter Scavo, character on TV's "Desperate Housewives"
Porter Ricks, dad in the film and TV series "Flipper"
Porter, main character in film "Payback"
Porter Black, character in 2011 film "The Beaver"
Porter Geiss, son of a poltergeist in "Monster High" series
Porter Gage, character in video game "Fallout 4"
Porter, little boy on a fictional soap opera in an episode of "Seinfeld"
Porter, YouTuber Kathleen Light's dog
"Hey Porter," song by Johnny Cash
MrPorter.com, luxury menswear website
Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, California

Porty, Port, Portie