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Gender: M Meaning of Pepper: "berry" Origin of Pepper: Sanskrit

There's a football player called Pepper (born Thomas and given the childhood nickname for sprinkling pepper on his cereal) Johnson -- but this sounds more like the name of a cheerleader.

Famous People Named Pepper

Thomas "Pepper" Johnson, American NFL football player
Park Frederick "Pepper" Adams III, American jazz saxophonist
Pepper J. Keenan, American guitarist and singer of bands Corrosion of Conformity and Down
Johnny Leonard Roosevelt "Pepper" Martin, American baseball player
Franklin Cullen "Pepper" Rodgers, American football coach

Pop Culture References for the name Pepper

Pepper Saltzman, recurring character on TV's "Modern Family"
Pepper, character in musical "Mamma Mia!"
Pepper Roni, main character in the Lego Island series
Chris Pepper, character in 1969 film "One More Time"
Reggie Pepper, character in stories by P. G. Wodehouse
Sgt. Floyd Pepper, a character in The Muppet Show
J.W. Pepper, character in two James Bond films
"The Great Waldo Pepper," film and its main character
Five Little Peppers, a family with five children in a children's literature series
Dr. Pepper, brand of soda
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Beatles album

Pepper's International Variations

Pepe (Italian) Pfeffer (German) Meritja (Indonesian) Koshoo (Japanese) Peppar (Swedish)