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Gender: F Origin of Patience: Latin virtue name

Patience is a passive virtue turned engaging name, fresher than Hope, Faith, or even Charity. Its resemblance to the trendy Payton may be one reason for its recent spike in popularity.

Common in the seventeenth century, Patience is the eponymous heroine of a Gilbert & Sullivan comic operetta. In literature, Patience appears in Shakespeare's Henry VIII and in an Anthony Trollope novel.

In the 2004 film Catwoman, the non-superhero name of the protagonist, played by Halle Berry, is Patience Phillips--which may have caused the name's bump in popularity two years later.

Famous People Named Patience

Patience Jane Wheatcroft, Baroness Wheatcroft, English journalist and politician
Patience Ann McIntyre, American singer of duo Prudence & Patience, with sister Prudence Ann McIntyre
Patience Marie Josephine Kama Dabany, singer and former First Lady of Gabon
Patience Cooper, Indian silent film actress
Patience Kemper, American child actress
Patience Hodgson, lead singer of Australian band The Grates

Pop Culture References for the name Patience

"Patience," novel by Daniel Clowes
Patience Buckner, character in the movie "Cabin in the Woods"
Patience, character on TV's "Firefly"
Remember Patience "Mem" Whipple, character in the Dear America book series
Patience Muffet, English girl who may have inspired the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet
Patience Phillips, character in movie "Catwoman"
"Patience," song by Guns N Roses
"Patience," song by Take That
"Patience; or, Bunthorne's Bride," opera by Gilbert & Sullivan
Patience "Patsy" Mount, character on TV's "Call the Midwife"
Patience Merlyn, character from Daphne du Maurier's "Jamaica Inn"

Patientia, Patiencia

Patience's International Variations

Paciencia (Spanish) Pazienza (Italian)