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Gender: F Meaning of Pari: "fairy" Origin of Pari: Iranian/Persian

Simple yet exotic Iranian name that would make an excellent import to the English-speaking world.

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Famous People Named Pari

Claudio Pari- an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods
Pari Saberi- Iranian drama and theater director

Pop Culture References for the name Pari

Pari, two characters in Khaled Hosseini's "And the mountains echoed" (2013)
Fallen angels or faeries from ancient Persian mythology (in contrast to dev, or evil angels)
Ferdowsi's poem, the "Shahnahmeh" contains many pari characters, and references to Pari.
Nickname for Paris, France.
Pari Urqu, mountain in Bolivia
Pari Chata, mountain in Bolivia
Pari, a 1995 Iranian film
Pari, a city in Hamadan, Iran
Pari, a village in Tuscany, Italy
Pari, an ethnic group in Sudan and S. Sudan
Pari Aike Formation, a geologic formation in southern Patagonia, Argentina
Pari Cheshmeh, a village in Mazandaran, Iran
Pari Kola, a village in Mazandaran, Iran
Pari Kham- a village in north-eastern Afghanistan
Pari Kandi- a village in East Azerbaijan, Iran
Pari, Laane County- a village in Kullamaa Parish, Laane County, Estonia
Pari, Viljandi County- a village in Parsti Parish, Viljandi County, Estonia