Latin botanical name, genus of trees

Olea Origin and Meaning

The name Olea is a girl's name meaning "olive".

Olea is an unusual botanical name that relates to both olive and oil, brought to public attention when it was chosen by actress Amy Adams as the middle name for her daughter Aviana. Olea is also an occasionally used Norwegian and Danish girl's name and is said to be an Old Hebrew word for night or moon.

Famous People Named Olea

  • Olea CrogerAmerican pioneer in the collection of folk music
  • Lagertha Olea Sofie BrochNorwegian author and illustrator
  • Aviana Olea Le Gallo (b. 2010)daughter of American actress Amy Adams

Olea in Pop Culture

  • OleaLatin word for "olive"
  • Oleagenus of plants/trees
  • Olearare feminization of Ole, a Danish & Norwegian form of Olaf
  • Olea de Boedomunicipality in Castile & Leon, Spain
  • Olea Medicaldevelops software to optimize medical images