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Gender: M Meaning of Pagan: "from the country, countryman" Origin of Pagan: English

Writer Anne Tyler gave this apt name to the hippie child in her novel Amateur Marriage, but she wasn't the first -- it was also used by the Puritans. Today it would be quite a loaded choice.

Famous People Named Pagan

Pagan, medieval ruler of Bulgaria
Tiziano Pagan De Paganis, Italian painter
José Antonio Pagán, Puerto Rican baseball player
Ángel Manuel Pagán, Puerto Rican baseball player

Pop Culture References for the name Pagan

Sir Pagan d'Urberville, founder of the d'Urberville and Durbeyfield families, of which the eponymous Tess Durbeyfield is a member, in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" (1891) by Thomas Hardy
Pagan fell out of favor when it became a term used for an irreligious person or someone who believed in more than one god.
Pagan, northernmost island of the Marianas Islands, pr. pah' guhn
Pagan Min, character in the game "Far Cry 4"