Spanish "good fortune"
"good fortune"

Ventura Origin and Meaning

The name Ventura is a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "good fortune".

Ventura started life as a shortening of Bonaventura, Spanish for good luck or good fortune, but now stands on its own. It has a pleasant sound and the stylish 'V' ending, but Angelenos would associate it with the Valley's main stem--Ventura Boulevard, and others might think of Ace or Jesse Ventura.

Famous People Named Ventura

  • Ventura RodríguezSpanish male architect
  • Jesse VenturaAmerican wrestler and politician, 38th Governor of Minnesota

Ventura in Pop Culture

  • Ventura BoulevardLos Angeles, California
  • VenturaCalifornia, USA
  • "Ventura Highway"song by the band America
  • "Ace VenturaPet Detective," film and its main character