Diminutive of Joan, English
"God is gracious"

Nonie Origin and Meaning

The name Nonie is a girl's name meaning "God is gracious".
A Colonial-era nickname for Joan.

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Famous People Named Nonie

  • Nonie May "Nancy" Stewart Worthington Leedsbirth name of Princess Anastasia of Greece and Denmark
  • Nonie WilliamsAmerican reality TV personality of "My Five Wives"
  • Nonie DarwishEgyptian,American human rights activist
  • Nonie LynchIrish singer
  • Nonie SachdevaIndian dancer
  • Nonie Tanbirth name of Fifi Young, Indonesian actress
  • Anika Noni RoseAmerican singer and actress

Nonie in Pop Culture

  • Nonie Chathamfrom the "Threads" trilogy by Sophia Bennet

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