Diminutive of Susan

Sukey Origin and Meaning

The name Sukey is a girl's name .

Eighteenth-century nickname that still appears occasionally as an alternative to Suzy.

Famous People Named Sukey

  • Sukey CameronFalkland Islands UK Representative

Sukey in Pop Culture

  • Sukey Jennettcharacter in "The Governess, or the Little Female Academy," by Sarah Fielding (1749)
  • Sukey Dunmaynecharacter in TV' serial "Scotch on the Rocks"
  • "The Niece; or the History of Sukey Thornby" 1788 novel by Phebe Gibbes
  • Sukey Warrilowcharacter in "Greenhorn on the Frontier" by Ann Finlayson
  • Sukeymentioned in nursery rhyme "Polly Put the Kettle On" (Sukey take it off again")