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Gender: M Origin of Nikko: Diminutive of Nicholas

Unique spelling chosen by singer Brian McKnight for his son.

Famous People Named Nikko

Osborne Earl "Nikko" Smith, American singer-songwriter; son of baseball player Ozzie Smith
Nikko Locastro, American pro disc golf player
Nikko, Japanese priest who founded Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
Nikko London, stage name of Londell Smith, American reality TV personality ("Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta")
Nikko Gonzalez (b. 2001), son of NFL player Tony Gonzalez and TV journalist Lauren Sánchez
Nikko Quintana (b. 2009), son of model Arizona Muse and stylist Manuel Quintana

Pop Culture References for the name Nikko

Nikko, character in movie "Pelican Blood"
Nikko, leader of the Flying Monkeys in movie "The Wizard of Oz"
Nikko, character in L. Frank Baum's novel and film "The Last Egyptian"
Nikko, character in the comic strip "Minimum Security"
"Nikko's Lullaby," song by Brian McKnight
Nikko, Japanese for 'sunshine'