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Gender: F Meaning of Mitzi: "bitter" Origin of Mitzi: German, diminutive of Maria

Mitzi is a spunky German nickname name that might appeal to parents drawn to the genre of lively vintage chorus girl names that proliferated in 1930's musicals. Lively entertainer Mitzi Gaynor--who was originally named Francesca Marlene de Czani von Gerber--made the name notable in mid-century America.

You may be surprised to know that Mitzi was on the Top 1000 list through 1979, as high as Number 420 in 1955.

Famous People Named Mitzi

Mitzi Gaynor (born Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber), American actress, singer and dancer
Mitzi Kapture (born Mitzi Gaynor Donahue), American actress
Mitzi Green (born Elizabeth Keno), American child actress
Mitzi McCall, American actress
Mitzi Solomon Cunliffe, American sculptor, designer of the BAFTA award
Mitzi Martin, American actress
Mitzi Mayfair (born Juanita Emylyn Pique), American actress and dancer
Mitzi Shore, American comedy club owner; mother of comedian Pauly Shore
Magdalena "Mitzi" Hajos, Hungarian-American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Mitzi

Mitzi May, main character in the "Lackadaisy" webcomic
Mitzi Kinsky, character on TV's "Desperate Housewives"
Mitzi Roth, minor character in TV show "Modern Family"
Mitzi, minor character in Winx Club

Mitsi, Mitzee, Mitsie, Mitzey, Mitzy