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Gender: F Pronunciation: may Meaning of Mei: "beautiful" Origin of Mei: Chinese and Hawaiian

Lovely name familiar in several Asian cultures.

Famous People Named Mei

Celia Mei Rubin, American actress
Maggie Shiu (Mei-kei), Hong Kong actress
A-mei, Taiwanese pop singer
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Chinese-American poet
Muzi Mei (born Li Li), Chinese journalist and blogger
Mei Finegold (born Meital Slonimsky), Israeli pop singer
Gwei Lun-Mei, Taiwanese actress
Mei Kurokawa, Japanese actress
Mei Yu is artist on YouTube

Pop Culture References for the name Mei

Mei, princess in Disney's "Mulan 2"
Mei, character in Avatar: The Last Airbender"Clannad"
An-mei Hsu, character in "Joy Luck Club"
Jing-mei Woo, character in "Joy Luck Club"
Mei, character in movie "My Neighbor Totoro"
Mei Yasumura, character in anime "Ouran High School Host Club"
Mei, character in French animated series "Galactik Football"
Mei, character in manga "O-Parts Hunter"
Meimei, Chinese term for a little sister
Mei, a quiet, bored character in Avatars
Mei Ng, American author, known for the novel, "Eating Chinese Food Naked"
Misaki Mei, character in anime "Another"
Mei-Ling Zhou, playable hero in Blizzard Entertainment game "Overwatch"