Gender: Female Pronunciation: may Meaning of Mei: "beautiful" Origin of Mei: Chinese and Hawaiian

Mei Origin and Meaning

The name Mei is a girl's name of Chinese origin meaning "beautiful".

Lovely name familiar in several Asian cultures.

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KaiLun Says:


When Chinese (and other tonal languages) is spoken, context have to be used to determine the meaning of the word because many words have the same tone. Mei, for example, can mean both "beautiful" and "each/every" in 3rd tone but no one is going to think your name means "each" when you tell them your name in the correct tone. They are going to assume it's "beautiful." So yes, Mei can mean all those things, but most Chinese people are going to figure it's supposed to mean beautiful or at least some positive type meaning. Even when you don't use the correct tone, they still seem to figure out what you're saying. I know someone who went to China knowing only a few words in Chinese and even then, she butchers the pronounciation on a lot of them pretty badly (I can speak Chinese so I know) and yet the locals were still able to understand her! So, I don't think these various meanings are a big issue.

If anyone is concerned about how the Chinese will look upon this:
While I'm not sure on names in particular, most Chinese people I know seem to be happy and flattered when they see Westerners/foreigners try to embrace and do some of their customs and traditions. They actually seem to be more annoyed that people would think they would be offended. The Chinese just seem to think it's cute and don't see the issue. I of course can't speak for all of them but based on this experience, they might actually be thrilled to see Westerners use their names.

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


This is the name I gave a character in a book I wrote. i found the meanings "beautiful" and "plum" online, which came up when she was teaching an alien Chinese. Didn't know about any of the others though.

indiefendi2 Says:


I once had a coworker named Mei. She didn't make it seem that deep.

Loveislife23 Says:


Mei is also the Dutch word for May, but it's not pronounced like may.

SimoneKadele Says:


I love this name! It is a great spelling. It reminds me of the little girl from "My Neighbor Totoro".

tfzolghadr Says:


As Chinese is a tonal language and English lacks tones, Mei (without writing the character or tone) could have many different meanings. Those meanings include "beautiful", "to sleep soundly", "a measure word/ Chinese surname", "eyebrow", "each", "have not", "plum", "coal", "moldy, bacteria", "charming", "younger sister", "magnesium", "radiant, flaming", "disease caused by anxiety", "quickening of the fetus", "wasted, rotten", "berry, strawberry", "enzyme, ferment", "demon, magic", "americum", "lock, metal dog collar", "a kind of evergreen tree", etc. So to say that it means "beautiful" is a gross oversimplification. It can mean beautiful with the right tone and character, but it can also mean many, many other things.

Sweekune Says:


I love this multicultural name. To me it's much prettier than May or Mae.