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Gender: M Pronunciation: morris (UK); maw-reece (US and France) Meaning of Maurice: "dark-skinned" Origin of Maurice: Latin Maurice's Popularity in 2016: #647

In the USA, Maurice was in the Top 200 for most of the 20th century; since 1990, however, it has been on a slow and steady decline and now ranks in at Number 647. This name has the potential for some old-school cute nicknames such as Mo as well as the more trendy Reece.

Famous People Named Maurice

(Joseph)-Maurice Ravel, French composer
Maurice Auguste Chevalier, French actor and singer
Maurice Couve de Murville, French Prime Minister
Maurice Ernest Gibb, lead singer of English band the Bee Gees
(Joseph Henri) Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Canadian ice hockey player
Maurice Barrymore, American actor
Maurice Benard, American actor
Maurice Durufle, French composer
Frederick Maurice (F.M.) Powicke, English historian
Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck, Belgian playwright
Maurice Fountain, American football player
Maurice Hinchey, American politician
Maurice Hurt, American football player
Maurice Jarre, French composer
Maurice LaMarche, Canadian voice actor
Maurice Kottelat, Swiss ichthyologist
Maurice Jones-Drew, American football player
Maurice Micklewhite, birth name of English actor Michael Caine
Maurice, Prince of Orange, Dutch military strategist
Maurice Victor Donald, Prince of Battenberg, youngest grandson of Queen Victoria
Maurice Quentin de La Tour, French portrait artist
Maurice Bernard Sendak, American children's writer
Maurice Alberto "Mo" Rocca, American comedian and TV personality
Maurice Samuel "Mo" Vaughn, American baseball player
Maurice John Giblin "Mo" Johnston, Scottish footballer
Maurice David Lighty, son of Tayler Hill & David Lighty

Pop Culture References for the name Maurice

"Maurice," novel by E.M. Forster
Maurice Moss, character on British TV's "The IT Crowd"
Maurice, Belle's father in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
Maurice Rodriguez aka Twister, character on animated series "Rocket Power"
Maurice Minnifield, character from TV series "Northern Exposure"
Maurice, Samantha Stephens' father on TV's "Bewitched"

Mo, Morris, Mauriece, Moss, Maureese, Mauro, Moreese, Morry, Mauritz, Maurin, Morrice

Maurice's International Variations

Mavriki (Russian) Mortiz (German) Meurig, Morys (Welsh) Maurisio, Maurecio, Richo, Maurizio, Mauritio, Maricio (Spanish) Muiris (Irish Gaelic) Maurycy, Maury (Polish) Mauridsje, Maurids (Dutch) Moricz (Hungarian) Maurits (Scandinavian) Moris (Greek) Mauricio (Portuguese)