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Gender: F Origin of Marlo: Modern invented name

Perky, pretty nickname name that seems to have been invented by or for Marlo Thomas, who was born Margaret. Hipster mommy blogger Dooce named her newborn daughter Marlo Iris and comedian Rob Corddry named his daughter Marlo Stevenson.

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Famous People Named Marlo

Margaret Julia "Marlo" Thomas, American actress
Marlo Morgan, American novelist
Marlo Stahl, daughter of actor Nick Stahl
Marlo Stevenson Corddry (b. 2008), daughter of actor/comedian Rob Corddry
Marlo Iris Armstrong (b. 2009), daughter of American blogger Heather "Dooce" Armstrong
Marlo Victoria Guay (b. 2014), daughter of skier Erik Guay
Marlo Dwyer, Old Hollywood actress

Pop Culture References for the name Marlo

Marlo Stanfield, male character on TV's "The Wire"
Marlo Higgins, male main character on TV's "Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine"
Marlo Cruz, character on TV's 'Rookie Blue"
Marlo Chandler, character in The Incredible Hulk comics

Marion, Marlow, Marlowe