English or Gaelic surname
"descendent of the champion"

Rooney Origin and Meaning

The name Rooney is a girl's name meaning "descendent of the champion".

Talented actress Rooney Mara (originally born Patricia Rooney) has single-handedly transformed this Gaelic surname into a wearable and elegant girls' name. Often said to mean "red-haired", the original surname, rendered as O' Ruanaidh, actually means "descendent of the champion". Trivia note: the most famous Rooney, Mickey Rooney, was originally born Joseph Yule.

Rooney Popularity

Famous People Named Rooney

  • (Patricia) Rooney MaraAmerican actress
  • Kate Rooney MaraAmerican actress
  • Andy RooneyAmerican journalist

Rooney in Pop Culture

  • Olivia "Liv" and Madison "Maddie" Rooneymain characters on TV's "Liv and Maddie"
  • Rooney Fforestercharacter in the Youtube series "Chicken Girls"