"cleared wood"

Ridley Origin and Meaning

The name Ridley is a girl's name of English origin meaning "cleared wood".

Can one prominent character affect the gender identity of a name? Definitely, as has supernatural bad girl Ridley Duchannes of the Beautiful Creatures series-turned-movie, played by the gorgeous Emmy Rossum. Before Duchannes, director Ridley Scott all but owned this unusual surname and so gave it a male spin, but it feels girl-appropriate too. And the trendy -ley ending, as in Hadley and Ashley, helps.

Ridley Popularity

Famous People Named Ridley

  • Frances Ridley Havergal (18361879), hymnist and composer
  • Daisy RidleyEnglish actress
  • Ridley Belle Baxter (b. 2007)daughter of actress Victoria Smurfit and Douglas Baxter

Ridley in Pop Culture

  • Ridley Duchannesa main character in the Caster Chronicles
  • Ridley Silverlakea main character in the computer game Radiata Stories