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Gender: M Meaning of Marino: "of the sea" Origin of Marino: Latin

Marino is an Italian first and surname with distinct crossover possibilities, having pleasant seaside undertones, and is far more unusual in the U.S. than sister Marina.

Marino Marini was an Italian sculptor who has a museum dedicted to his work in Florence; Dan Marino a record-breaking football quarterback.

Famous People Named Marino

Marino Monferrati, American chef and restaurateur
Marino Lejarreta, Spanish cyclist
Marino Perani, Italian footballer
Marino Paul Pieretti, Italian-American baseball player
(George Dario) Marino Franchitti, Scottish race car driver
Marino Marini, Italian sculptor
Dan Marino, American NFL quarterback

Pop Culture References for the name Marino

Marino, a thief in the video game Mega Man X: Command Mission