Gender: Female Meaning of Marcella: "warlike" Origin of Marcella: Latin

Marcella Origin and Meaning

The name Marcella is a girl's name of Italian, Latin origin meaning "warlike".

Marcella has been in mothballs for so long it's starting to feel stylish again. Depicted as the world's most beautiful woman in Don Quixote (where it's spelled Marcela), this long neglected name seemed dated for decades but just might be ready for restoration. Another so-old-it's-new-again relative: Marcellina. Saint Marcella was a Roman matron of strength and intellect who organized a religious sisterhood at her mansion, which St. Jerome guided in religion and learning.

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Marcella's International Variations

Marzena (Polish) Marceline, Marcelle, Marcelia (French) Marquita (Spanish) Marcela (Czech) Marcella (Italian) Marcelina (Slavic)


mistma01 Says:


My name! I’ve never met another in person but typically pronounced “Mar-CHE-la in Europe and Mar-SELL-uh in North America :)
Nicknames in my family are Marce, Marchi, Marcy, and Chella

fearlessfirefly Says:



DayJoy Says:


I love this name. It's very pretty. Reminds me or Myrcella from Game of Thrones. The nickname Marcie is incredibly versatile, and works well on a girly girl or a tomboy. There's also the nickname option of Zella if she wanted to stand out a but more

nm31 Says:


How do you pronounce this? I love it like Marse-ella, but I've heard it said like March-ella, which I don't like so much.

Noni Says:


Actually depending on my mood, I don't always like descriptions bravery, strong, and never backs down either lol as I often find people mixing up these descriptors with wreckless stupidity but happens to be lucky and survived. At least this isn't my usual default association with these descriptors though

Noni Says:


Catastroffy probably don't associate bravery with warlike. I don't really associate warlike with bravery, strong and never backs down either. If that's what warlike is supposed to mean, maybe they should add that to their meaning description. Otherwise, I associate warlike with bullies, abuse, and bloodthirsty murderers who rape and plunder.

This is not to say that everyone who signs up for the military are like this btw. I don't think most people who enter the military are 'warlike' just because they go to war; they're usually patriots who believe they're fighting for a cause and defending their country. I don't consider them warlike unless they crave war, are always looking for a fight every chance they get, and relish killing people.

stellarvra99 Says:


I know, I get you. But why would you prefer to be associated with the negative thoughts on a pig than to be associated with bravery for example?

KaiLun Says:


I think Catarina is supposed to mean 'pure' which is kinda vague and many people associate pure with chastity. My name is variation of your friend's name so it also means pure but I disagree with chastity being pure. So even though I don't like and disagree with the concept of chastity, I'm fine with my name because I just think my my name meaning what I consider to be 'pure'

KaiLun Says:


Pigs are actually pretty intelligent but they are unfortunately associated with negative descriptives like dirty, fat, and gluttonous

stellarvra99 Says:


Why on earth would you prefer to be called pig than warlike? I mean you prefer to be named dirty than strong? lol

Daiseymae Says:


My daughter has a girl in her second grad class wth this name. I think it is adorable.

Mikey_pp Says:


I like how it has a strong meaning yet sounds very feminine. Warlike seems like a bit of a loose interpretation. Basically you're naming a kid after Mars which symbolizes not just a fighting personality but also qualities like integrity, courage and the ability to protect others.

Marcella Says:


I agree. My name is Marcella Louisa, and I am proud of the resilance is has as a name. I gather strength from it daily.

Impwood Says:


I prefer Marcia and Maceline to Marcella and Marcelle personally.

Luísa Says:


"Warlike" can be interpreted as someone that is strong and never backs down. The meaning of my name is actually "renowned warrior" and I like it a lot because of its meaning. However, my friend Catarina hates her name 'cause it means something like "chastity". Funny, no? :P

Luísa Says:


I know a Marcela that goes by Mah.

Catastroffy Says:


One thing that I don't understand is that people can't stand the
meanings of names such as Cecily, Claude, and Portia, but nobody bats an
eyelid at this. I would much rather be called "blind", "lame", or "pig"
than "warlike" myself, but I suppose we have different values.

MissAussie1992 Says:


This is one of my late grandmother's middle names and recently it's really been growing on me. Makes me think of 1930s glamour.

Piety Says:


There are several Marcellas in my family tree, all with the nickname “Zella.”

jordalini Says:


I want to like this, I just can't.

Alicia1 Says:


Really pretty name! nn Marcy or Ella.

Guest Says:


this is my cool aunt's name. I love it. Her nn is Marcy

Miranda082 Says:


Reminds me of Myrcella - a name from Game of Thrones