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Gender: F Meaning of Malina: "raspberry" Origin of Malina: Feminine form of Malcolm or spelling variation of Melina or Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian

Malina is a synthetic-feeling name that may be a feminization of the Scottish Malcolm or a spelling twist on the Greek Melina and that also has a fruit meaning in several Eastern European languages. For all that it's a little bit of lots of things, Malina doesn't feel very much like itself.

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Famous People Named Malina

Malina Weissman, actress known for "A Series of Unfortunate Events"
Malina Joshi, Miss Nepal 2011
Malina Jean Foley, daughter of American actor, director and screenwriter Scott Foley

Pop Culture References for the name Malina

Malina, fictional character in "The Emperor's New School"
Malina, solar deity in Inuit mythology - the sun goddess; sister of the moon god, Igaluk.
Malina, 1991 German-Austrian drama film

Mallie, Maline, Malin, Mallana, Malinna