Japanese, or diminutive of names that end in -rika
"beautiful village; peaceful ruler; estate ruler"

Rika Origin and Meaning

The name Rika is a girl's name of Dutch origin meaning "beautiful village; peaceful ruler; estate ruler".

Rika is most common as a Japanese name, when it means "beautiful village" in one kanji combination. It is also seen as a nickname and given name in Scandinavia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands, where Rika originated as a nickname for names such as Fredrika and Henrika.

Rika Popularity

Famous People Named Rika

  • Rika IshikawaJapanese pop singer and former member of Morning Musume
  • Rika KihiraJapanese figure skater

Rika in Pop Culture

  • Rikaa character in "The Forsaken"
  • Rika Nonakaa character in "Digimon Tamers"
  • Rika Furudea character from the Higurashi series of visual novels and anime.
  • Rikacharacter from visual novel game "Mystic Messenger".