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Gender: F Origin of Mafalda: Italian and Portuguese variation of Matilda

Mafalda is nearly unknown in the English-speaking world, despite an appearance in Harry Potter. Indeed, it does have a witchy feel. Matilda itself is preferable, or her French form Mathilde, Spanish Matilde, or abbreviation Maud.

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Famous People Named Mafalda

Mafalda of Savoy (1125-1158), first queen of Portugal
Infanta Mafalda of Portugal (c. 1197-1256), Portuguese princess and queen consort of Castile
Mafalda-Cecilia Preslavska (b. 1994), Bulgarian princess
Mafalda Arnauth, Portuguese fado singer
Mafalda Favero, Italian soprano
Mafalda Salvatini, Italian soprano
Mafalda Veiga, Portuguese singer-songwriter

Pop Culture References for the name Mafalda

Mafalda Hopkirk, character in the "Harry Potter" series
"Mafalda," comic strip written and drawn by Argentine cartoonist Quino.
Mafalda, a Harry Potter character originally supposed to be introduced in the fourth book as a Weasley cousin