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Gender: Female Pronunciation: KEER-a Meaning of Kyra: "throne" Origin of Kyra: Feminine variation of Cyrus, Persian Kyra's Popularity in 2017: #590

The name Kyra is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "throne". Kyra is ranked #590 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Spooky Halloween Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

The girls' name Kyra sounds like the also popular Keira/Kiera, but has a different root. There are twice as many baby girls named Keira as Kyra, with Kiera in third place. Kyra now ranks at #590 and is most familiar via actress Kyra Sedgwick.

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Famous People Named Kyra

Kyra Minturn Sedgwick, American actress
Kyra Phillips, American news reporter
Kyra Zagorsky, American actress
Kyra Gracie, Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner
Kyra Dutt, Indian actress
Kyra Davis, American novelist
Kyra Sundance, American dog trainer and performer
Kyra Markham (born Elaine Hyman), American painter and actress
Kyra Beans, granddaughter of Canadian wrestler Bret Hart
Kyra Renee Sivertson, YouTube Star

Pop Culture References for the name Kyra

Kyra Blaine, character on TV's "Castle"
Kyra Hart, character on TV's "Reba"
Kyra, tavern wench in the Game of Thrones series

Kira, Kaira, Keera, Kyrie, Kyriann, Kyrina, Kyreena, Keira, Kyr, Kyrha, Kyriah, Kyria, Kyrah, Kyrene


Bobcat108 Says:


I don't understand why you think the name info is snarky...I've never heard of this spelling of the name being pronounced as KAI-ra. As I mentioned in a comment from a few years ago further down the page, the younger sister of a high school friend had this name & it was pronounced KEER-ah...& this was back in the 1970s, so it's apparent that there's a history of the name being pronounced as KEER-ah. Additionally, in terms of pronunciation "rules," English has multiple ways to pronounce the same combination of letters (e.g., the letter combination of "ough" can be pronounced as both "uff" & "ow"). Finally, KEER-ah may be the original pronunciation in Persian, in which case KAI-ra would be incorrect.

Gia.berry Says:


I once knew someone with this name and she pronounced it Kai-ra.

Dana Schreiner Says:


no hahah! lots of people comment saying they know/pronounce is that way. But Kyra Sedgewick is the only well known person with it and she pronounces it Keer-a

Dana Schreiner Says:


Is there history of is being pronounced kye-ra. My friend has a little girl with the name and pronounces it like that instead of Keer-a. If not, how would you spell it to sound that way?

Kyra Says:


Am I the only Kyra who's name is pronounced as kye-rah, I get so frustrated with people calling me Kiera lmao..

SilverSky109 Says:


What an unnecessarily snarky "Name Info" description! I've always pronounced this name as KAI-ra, it never even occurred to me to pronounce it as "KEER-a." Isn't that what the Keira/Kira spellings are for? I think Kyra pronounced as kai-ruh (rhyming with Tyra) is gorgeous. In terms of grammar/language rules, the kai-ruh pronunciation is absolutely correct.

DJ_Daffy73 Says:


Mine too! it can get annoying with all of the Kye-rahs though...but i love my name and think its a great way to get a pretty name, but still have it be different.

lilbee Says:


Our daughter is due any day now and she will be Kyra- pronounced with a long "i" sound, as in Myra, Tyra...Kyra... Makes sense to us! I find it closed-minded that nameberry would label this pronunciation as incorrect.

Dev80 Says:


Kyra Gracie is a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner and grappling world champion. Because of that I associate the name with strength. She pronounces her name Kii-rah.

IvyTheRoserade Says:


This is my name!~ My real name, anyway. People always pronounce it wrong. They say kai-ra, but it's kear-a. >< I actually like my name!~ ^^

pamsatran Says:


I would assume this name was pronounced like Keira, as it is here:

But I don't think kai-ruh is incorrect. Though obviously any Kyra would face confusion!

Amber Renee Says:


Oh good I really like the kai-ruh pronunciation. I'd be a little worried that the general population would have trouble with pronunciation as well though..

Britt/Bratt Says:


Kai-ruh is the only way I've heard it said.

Britt/Bratt Says:


I've only heard it as Kai-ruh. Kira/Keira have the same pronunciation.

Amber Renee Says:


As its the feminine form of Cyrus is it pronounced kai-ruh? Or is it still pronounced the same as Keira?

Stephanie Says:


I worked with a Kyra. She got a lot of calls and all the people would ask for "kai-ruh". Some of these people called often and still pronounced it wrong...

I love the name, but do you find a lot of people mispronounce your name? Does it bother you?

Bobcat108 Says:


The younger sister of a high school classmate of mine was named this way back in the late '60s/early '70s & I've loved it ever since.

Kyra Says:


Right! I love this name! In fact that's my name!! Most people don't like their names, but I love mine1 <3

Alicia1 Says:


This name is so cute and different, I like the addition of the "Y".