AHR-ee-ah or A-RYE-ah
Hebrew or Italian
"lion of God or song"

Ariah Origin and Meaning

The name Ariah is a girl's name meaning "lion of God or song".

When actress Tamera Mowry named her daughter Ariah, she said it was a Hebrew name meaning "lion of God" -- which it is, if you consider Ariah a variation of Ariel. But many sources consider Ariah a spelling variation of the Italian Aria, meaning song or literally air.

The Ariah spelling may cause some pronunciation confusion, especially if you want to pronounce the name AHR-ee-ah. But if you want to use the pronunciation rhyming with Mariah, this spelling will help clarify.

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Famous People Named Ariah

  • Ariah Talea Housleydaughter of American actress & talk show host Tamera Mowry,Housley