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Gender: Male Pronunciation: KILL-ee-un Meaning of Killian: "church" Origin of Killian: Irish Killian's Popularity in 2019: #310

Killian Origin and Meaning

The name Killian is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "church".

Killian – aka Cillian – is a spirited yet resonant Gaelic name that was borne by several Irish saints and could make a distinctive replacement for the dated Kelly. Possible downsides: an unsavory first syllable and a connection to the trendy brew.

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Rank in US: #310

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Pop Culture References for the name Killian

Killiean, Killion, Killien, Killy, Cillian, Kilean, Killie, Kilian, Kilien


Jamiec82 Says:


I named my son Killian Elijah in March of 2018!! We continue to love it and so does anyone that he crosses paths with! We chose the name because of the origin, meaning, etc and at first the Kill part of it worried me but I'm glad we didn't name him something different because it wouldn't fit him ❤️. Let's be honest we could all find something that we didn't like about pretty much everything out there if we wanted to... try focusing on the positive and the good not always the negative!! We call him Killy or KillyBean.
I read in 2018 where a dad had posted about naming his son Killian and like he said... "one day my son will be out there playing sports and I'll proudly be in the stands shouting "Kill Kill Kill" and it won't bother me one bit!"!

Sky85 Says:


It's a lovely name! I think people over exaggerate things to make it a issue. Love the nickname KillyBean!

mykapage Says:


My son's name is Killian. The Kill part hasn't been an issue to anyone in the whole 4 years he has been alive. We call him Killy or KillyBean (Like JellyBean). Most people hear Kelly when we call him Killy and he gets a ton of compliments on his name as a whole.

VanessaLily7 Says:


I like it when spelled as Kilian or Kylian.
Potentially Kyrian could be an alternative.

Aquitaine3 Says:


Killian is a fine name. People need to let go of the 'kill' part. The problem is if people spelled it the other way 'Cillian', they would say it wrong. There's no winning with people. Killian is a strong name and offers the option of the nickname, 'Ian.'

I love the name 'Ian' or 'Iain', but want it to be part of a bigger name. Killian fits it.

iipostmvh Says:


Interesting pronunciation and cures the issue (mainly).

Kellen_Claire Says:


I know a little Killian and he definitely wears the name well. I used to really hate this name, but I think it sometimes takes having a face to put with the name that really sells it!

futuremama Says:



denmama9 Says:


I met a boy in France named Kilian. The letter I was pronounced with more of a long E sound, so more like Keeleeahn. Nickname Kili (keelee). probably, though I only heard him called by his full name. His brothers all had English names, too, like Tom and Ryan, even though their parents were French/Italian. Really great family. I've liked the name since knowing that kid. He was pretty little when I knew him, but blazing smart, quiet, kind, and funny. He's late teens now. Great kid.

Spy Says:


Nick: Kill

Smollie Says:


I love the sound of this name but my uncle's name is Ian, so I don't think it would be appropriate to name a child Killian when the name literally spells out "Kill Ian" Haha shame really!

Heather V. Says:


The "Kill-" part did used to bother me but then I discovered Killian Jones from "Once Upon a Time".....and he definitely sells the name. I see little problem with it now, haha.

Im'perfect Says:


Maybe instead Millian, Billian, or Zillian? 🤓

headintheclouds Says:


I'm one of those troublesome people commenting here about how the first Kill- syllable sound and spelling does bother me, enough that it's the main feature of the name that stands out to me *shrug*. Cillian, the original spelling of the name, doesn't look as nice as this variant-- looks too rounded and fussy spelled out to me somehow, plus a lot of people wouldn't get the phonetic pronunciation right away and might say "sill-ee-an". I do like the vibe of Killian though-- it's one of those Irishy names that would be perfect on a rough-and-tumble, sporty and energetic rosy-cheeked little boy.

sunshinexoxo Says:


I like this name a lot, but too many people make a big deal that it has KILL in it instead of focusing on how strong of a name it sounds when pronounced correctly...

iipostmvh Says:


I get your point. For me, it's that Kill is in the first syllable AND, how can I say this, the "kill" part of the name is stressed, unlike the other names you mentioned, with the exception of Gunner.

madehatter Says:


Kit, Ky, Liam, Lee, Ian

bearcub27 Says:


It's my surname. Thanks.

indiefendi2 Says:


Diana has "die" in it, Elijah has "lie" in it, Cassius and Cassandra have "ass" etc. etc. so I don't see what's so off putting about Killian. People literally name their kids Gunner.

autumnreverie Says:


I prefer Cillian. There's also Kilian and Kylian.

NaomiAurora Says:


I really want to like this, but the "kill" part is ruining it for me....

paulapuddephatt Says:


That doesn't work for me, either. It seems like Cilla, so that makes it seem like it should be Sillian.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Me too. It's not my favourite name, for sure.

EvaThyssen Says:


Killian Manson?

CherryBomb50 Says:


That's what I was thinking.

Louise Wilding Says:


The " Kill " part is too off - putting

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I feel like having "kill" in a name isn't really the best choice. Too bad it's a nice name.

snowsbeloved Says:


Used to be one of my favorite boy names but hubby would never let this slide...for sadly obvious reasons

hope715708 Says:


I love this name, mostly thanks to the show Once Upon A Time. Unfortunately the "kill" syllable turns most people off

futuremama Says:


I still read this as Kill Ian

1daymore Says:


Mybe it would be better Kilian

irishdancer428 Says:


I personally like the Cillian version better. :)

rie Says:


Kian could work, or maybe Liam

fullabeans Says:


Ian could very easily work as a better nn

dream higher Says:


Erm... the only nickname I can derive from Killian is Kill. Yikes.