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Gender: F Origin of Jewel: Word name Jewel's Popularity in 2015: #887

Just like Flora is for botanicals, Jewel is the generic gemstone name, not used much since the early twentieth century, when it was seen as a symbol of how precious a daughter could be. The French version, Bijou, feels more modern, as do Pearl and Ruby.

Famous People Named Jewel

Jewel Kilcher, American singer-songwriter
Jewel Belair Staite, Canadian actress
Jewel Carmen (born Florence Lavina Quick), American silent film actress

Pop Culture References for the name Jewel

Jewel, character in movie "Fresh Horses"
Jewel, macaw in animated movie "Rio"
Jewel, character on TV's "Even Stevens"

Jule, Jewella, Jewell, Juel, Jewelle