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Gender: M Pronunciation: Jed-id-EYE-ah Meaning of Jedidiah: "beloved of the Lord" Origin of Jedidiah: Hebrew Jedidiah's Popularity in 2016: #756

Jedidiah, an Old Testament name with a touch of Gunsmoke-era western panache, is right in line to be revived along with the other biblical -iah names. It's currently Number 756, climbing since its reintroduction to the popularity list in 2010.

Jedidiah was the name given by the prophet Nathan to King Solomon in the Old Testament. An inspiration to hiking enthusiasts might be the intrepid explorer and trailblazer Jedidiah Strong Smith.

Jed is the inevitable nickname, which last ranked on the US popularity charts in 1989.

Famous People Named Jedidiah

Jedidiah Morse, American geographer; father of telegraph inventor Samuel Morse
Jedidiah Solomon ben Abraham Norzi, Italian rabbi of Mantua
Jedidiah Preble, American Revolutionary general
Jedidiah Goodacre, American actor
Jedidiah Robert Duggar (b. 1998), 10th child (5th son) of reality TV's Duggar family; twin of brother Jeremiah
Jedidiah Scott "Jedi" Willis (b. 1999), 6th child (3rd son) of family band, The Willis Clan

Pop Culture References for the name Jedidiah

Zeke Jedidiah Dunbar, character in the video game "Infamous"
Jedidiah, humanitarian clothing brand

Yedidya, Jedd, Jedadiah, Jebediah, Jedidiyah, Jedediah, Jed, Jedidia, Jedidiah, Jeddediah, Jedediha