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Gender: Female Meaning of Irma: "universal, complete" Origin of Irma: German, diminutive of several names, meaning "universal, complete"

The name Irma is a girl's name of German origin meaning "universal, complete". Irma and is often added to lists like Princess Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Elimination Game".

From the experts:

A Top 200 choice in the US from the late 1880s to the early 1930s, Irma has nevertheless fallen out of favor with modern parents, and doesn't look set for the sort of comeback that some of her vintage sisters have enjoyed in recent years. The devastating hurricane which hit the Caribbean Islands and the south-east coast of the US in 2017 has no doubt dealt its chances of revival a further blow.

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Famous People Named Irma

Irma (Pany), Cameroonian-born French singer-songwriter
Irma Achten, Dutch filmmaker & writer
Irma Santonil Adlawan, Filipina film actress
Irma Baltuttis (1920-'58), German singer;
Irma Blanco, American radio personality from LA
Irma Boom, Dutch graphic designer
Irma Carmona, Latin American voice actress
Irma Chilton, Welsh children's author
Irma Christenson (1915-'93), Swedish actress
Irma Cordoba, Argentine film actress
Irma Capece Minutolo, Italian former opera singer
Irma Dimas, Miss El Salvador 2005
Irma Dorantes, Mexican actress, ranchera singer & Pedro Infante's wife
Irma Erixson, Swedish actress
Irma Gonzalez, first Mexican-American female federal judge
Irma Pamela Hall, American actress
Irmã Dulce Pontes (born Maria Rita de Souza Pontes), blessed Brazilian nun
Irma Huerta, Mexican freestyle swimmer
Irma Margarita "Maga" Nevares de Rossello, wife of Puerto Rican Governor Pedro Rosselló
Irma Schultz Keller, Swedish actress & pop singer
Irma Kliauzaite, Lithuanian pianist
Irma Kurti, Albanian poet & writer
Irma Lozada, first female officer to die in line of duty in New York
Irma Maury, Peruvian actress
Irma Newmark, American feminist
Irma Nioradze, Georgian ballerina
Irma Pane, Indonesian American pop singer
Irma Patkos, Hungarian actress
Irma Yakovlevna Raush, Russian actress
Irma Starkloff Rombauer, American cookbook author
Irma Sanchez, Mexican boxer
Irma Hiejting-Schuhmacher, German freestyle swimmer & medalist
Irma Seikkula, Finnish actress
Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano, Mexican singer
Irma Thomas, American singer
Irma Urteaga, Argentinian composer & pianist
Irma Wyman, American early computer engineer & first CIO of Honeywell
Irma Cody, daughter of William ("Buffalo Bill")F. Cody

Pop Culture References for the name Irma

Irma Barlow, main character of British soap "Coronation Street" (1964)
Irma Bunt, villain in 1969 Bond film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
Irma Langinstein, friend of April O'Neal in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Irma Gobb, Mr. Bean's girlfriend
Irma Leopold, character from Joan Lindsay's novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock"
"Irma Jackson," 1972 song by Merle Haggard
"Irma La Douce," French play and film and its main character
Irma Lair, Guardian of Water in the "W.I.T.C.H" series
Irma Pince, the librarian of Hogwarts in the "Harry Potter" series
Irma Peterson, main character in 1949 film "My Friend Irma"
"Irma Vep," 1996 French film and its main character
Operation Irma, airlifts of injured civilians in Bosnia during the war
Irma Hotel, landmark in Cody, Wyoming
Hurricane Irma, a natural disaster that occurred in September 2017

Irminia, Irmgard, Irmina, Irmgarde, Erma, Irmine, Ermengard


Cherilyn Says:


I think of the character from the 1987 TMNT TV series.

beachbear Says:


Oh, yes. I was going to comment that given the hurricane, the description ought to be updated.

Mhill46 Says:


Really wish Nameberry's descriptions were a little more informative as opposed to just plain rude sometimes. You can say a name sounds dated without being rude. There are real people who have this name you know.

Leah_ Says:


After seeing the rude nameberry discription, hurricane Irma seeks revenge

Cormorant Says:


I love this name! Unfortunately, it's quickly going the route of another name I really like...Katrina....

iipostmvh Says:


"Wears orthopedic shoes and support hose", yeah right along with Esther, Ruth, Hazel, and formerly Emma. I get the point of the description, but it can make the same point without being mean and closed minded.

BrittanyBrown Says:


Let the writers of this site crack jokes every once in a while. Don't be so PC. Loosen up!

indiefendi2 Says:


yes this name is ugly but at least give the proper "ugly name" description like Mildred has.

Scorpio Says:


The description for this name is needlessly cruel.

Ziggy2112 Says:


Very rude description

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I've met an Irma, and she was lovely. This description is incredibly rude and does not do this name justice!

snowsbeloved Says:


Interesting that this name has the same meaning and origin as Emma...yet completely different images.

FantasyandPrayer Says:


Not my favourite but it definitely doesn't deserve that- I think it could be cute on a little girl. My issue is I can't see it 'growing up' along with the child.

jojobabyberry Says:


Me too. I love the name though. Plus Irma was my favorite x)

clairels Says:


Technically you're right, but it's still funny. And no, I don't like the name Irma.

NaomiNY Says:


I always think of the character from W.I.T.C.H.

PeachyOwl Says:


While I'm not a huge fan of this name, there's nothing wrong with it and it's not fair to make fun of people with orthopedic shoes and support hose just because you dislike the name.

Vespertinerose Says:


I think that is harsh! It is a great name!