French, feminine diminutive of Paul

Paulette Origin and Meaning

The name Paulette is a girl's name of French origin meaning "small".

It's interesting how names imported to the US from other countries and cultures have fashion cycles of their own. Paulette along with cousins Annette and Claudette were the most fashionable French imports in the middle of the last century, only to sink from sight and be replaced by such current French favorites as Charlotte, Sophie, and Eloise. In general, feminizations of male names have faded in favor of gender-neutral choices, and Paul itself is off its own fashion peak. But Paulette has the same vintage charm as names like Margot and Josephine that are very much a la mode. And far from being extinct, Paulette hits that sweet spot of names that are familiar but not over-used. It was given to about 130 baby girls in the US last year, on par with May, Avalon, Jolee, Liza, and Vivianne. This is three times as many baby girls as were named Paulette in 2000, so while the name may still lie well beneath the Top 1000, it's very much on the way up.

# 958 in the US

Paulette Rank in US Top 1000

Paulette Popularity

Famous People Named Paulette

  • Paulette GoddardAmerican actress and one time wife of Charlie Chaplin
  • Paulette Emma Marie DubostFrench actress
  • Paulette Tenae CarlsonAmerican country music singer,songwriter of band Highway 101
  • Paulette GotoAmerican pastry chef and TV personality
  • Paulette Marcia CooperAmerican author
  • Paulette BernègeFrench journalist and author
  • Paulette PoujolOriol, Haitian author, actress and educator
  • Paulette NardalMartinican author and journalist
  • Paulette TavorminaAmerican photographer

Paulette in Pop Culture

  • Paulette Bonafontemanicurist in "Legally Blonde"
  • Paulette Rolandcharacter from "Call the Midwife"
  • Paulette Boltonlead character in the 2016 TV movie "Backstabbed"