"Indian dye"

Indigo Origin and Meaning

The name Indigo is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "Indian dye".
Indigo is one of the most appealing and evocative of the new generation of color names. Color names have joined flower and jewel names -- in a big way -- and Indigo, a deep blue-purple dye from plants native to India, is particularly striking for both girls and boys. Although most people don't think of it like this, Indigo might also be considered among the most stylish Greek baby names in use today. Some cultural references: The Indigo Girls are a folk duo, 'Mood Indigo' is a classic Duke Ellington jazz composition, and there is a 1970's New Age theory that Indigo children possess special, sometimes supernatural abilities. Indigo is the name of a character in the Ntozake Shange novel Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo, and was used for his daughter by Lou Diamond Phillips.

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Famous People Named Indigo

  • Indigo "Indy" Barreto Strong (b. 2014)son of American actors Rider Strong and Alexandra Barreto
  • Indigo Orion Lordson of actress Liberty Phoenix Lord
  • Indigo Blue Honey (b. 2018)son of singer Soko.

Indigo in Pop Culture

  • Indigo Cassonson in the "Casson Family" series by Hilary McKay