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Gender: Male Meaning of Herman: "soldier, warrior" Origin of Herman: German

The name Herman is a boy's name of German origin meaning "soldier, warrior". Herman and is often added to lists like Names with Military Meanings and discussed in our forums with posts like "Adding then Eliminating - Boys Themed".

From the experts:

It's hard to believe now that Herman was once, at the turn of the last century, a Top 50 name, remaining in the Top 100 until 1935, and even harder to imagine it making a comeback. But then again, our parents thought the same thing about Max and Jake. Consider the French Armand or Spanish Armando instead. Notable bearers include writers Herman Melville and Hermann Hesse--and then there was TV's Herman Munster.

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Famous People Named Herman

Herman Melville, American novelist
Herman Hollerith, American inventor
Herman Cain, American businessman, author and politician
Herman Eugene Talmadge, Sr., American senator and governor of Georgia
Herman Achille, Count Van Rompuy, former Prime Minister of Belgium
Saint Herman of Alaska, Russian Orthodox missionary
Herman 'Ze German' Rarebell, drummer for German band Scorpions
Herman I, Duke of Swabia
Herman, Margrave of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Herman I, Margrave of Meissen
Herman Heine Goldstine, American computer scientist
Herman Klein, English music critic and author
Herman Kountze, American banking pioneer
Herman Wouk, American novelist
Herman Jacob Mankiewicz, American screenwriter
Herman Moore, American former college and professional football player

Pop Culture References for the name Herman

Herman Crab, character from video game 'Ace Attorney'
Herman Munster, character from the TV series "The Munsters"
Herman Brooks, main character on TV's "Herman's Head"
Baby Herman, character in movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
Herman Wells, character from movie "Kinsey"
Herman Hermann, character on TV's "The Simpsons," owner of Herman's Military Antiques
Herman, main character in Tchaikovsky's opera "The Queen of Spades"
Herman Melleville, monster in "Doug's 1st Movie"
Herman I Vermin, character created by American cartoonist Marc Hempel
Herman Toothrot, character in computer game Monkey Island
Herman Dietrich, character in the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark
"Herman," comic strip by Jim Unger
Herman and Katnip, animated cat and mouse duo
Herman's Hermits, English band
Pee-wee Herman, character played by American actor Paul Reubens

Hermin, Herm, Hermie

Herman's International Variations

Harman, Hermann, Harmon (German) Hermá, Herminio, Arminio, Armindo, Hermano, Hermino, Armando (Spanish) Ermanno, Armino (Italian) Heremon, Hermon (Irish) Armand (French) Armen, Arman (Russian) Ermanos (Basque)


TechnoKitten Says:


her man

Dietrich Says:


What about the mightiest German warrior that defeated 3 Roman legions in 9CE? The reason you type in English today.

Dietrich Says:


You are the reason I hate the name "Naomi"...

Dietrich Says:


Yeah the English baby name websites are the only ones more racist than the German ones. Hate German history and culture people. Name your kids "Kevin" and "Jayden" instead! :(

Wolfgang Says:


The first famous German hero that liberated the Germans from the invading Romans
in the year 9CE in the famous Battle in the Teuteberg Forrest!

Wolfgang Says:


"It's hard to believe that Herman was once popular, and even harder to imagine it making a comeback."

Seriously, why is EVERY German name put down and ridiculed here?

This site is totally racist!

headintheclouds Says:


One of the names that I'm glad has (to my knowledge, mostly) disappeared from the modern naming scene! There's the fact that it sounds like her-man, it ends with -man, and I think of pee wee Herman.

IsolationHedge Says:


Herman's Hermits are the reason I do really like this name.

NaomiNY Says:


Herman Goering is the reason I don't like this name.