"dark stranger"

Dougal Origin and Meaning

The name Dougal is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "dark stranger".

Heard in the Scottish highlands, and much more in tune with the present times than the dated Douglas — for which it could make a perfect tribute name.
Dougal was the Scottish nickname for invading dark-haired Danish Vikings, just as Fingal was given to the blonder Norwegians.

Dougray, as in actor Dougray Scott, is a similarly appealing choice.

Dougal Popularity

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Famous People Named Dougal

  • Peter "Dougal" ButlerEnglish author and roadie for The Who drummer Keith Moon
  • Dougal DixonScottish author and geologist
  • DJ Dougal (born Paul Arnold Clarke)British hardcore DJ
  • Dougal HastonScottish mountaineer
  • Dougal WilsonEnglish music video and commercial director
  • Dougal RobertsonScottish sailor and memoirist
  • Dougal DrysdaleScottish fire safety expert

Dougal in Pop Culture

  • Dougal McGuirecharacter on TV's "Father Ted"
  • Dougal Mackenziecharacter in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
  • Hamish and Dougalcharacters on British radio comedy series "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" and "You'll Have Had Your Tea"
  • Dougaldog in the English animated series "The Magic Roundabout"