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Gender: M Pronunciation: HAY-mish Meaning of Hamish: "supplanter" Origin of Hamish: Scottish variation of James

Just as Seamus/Seumus is Irish for James, Hamish is the Scottish form — one that's not often used here, but still redolent of Olde Scotland. If you're ready to go further than Duncan and Malcolm, out to Laird and Ewan territory, this may be worth consideration. It also sounds just like the Yiddish word for homey.

In Scotland, where it became popular in the second half of the nineteenth century, Hamish is a nickname for a Highlander, and it's a high-ranking name in South Australia, where it's currently in the Top 50.

Some people may have become familiar with Hamish via one of the grooms in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Famous People Named Hamish

Hamish Linklater, American actor
Hamish Donald Blake, Australian comedian
Hamish Bowles, English fashion journalist
(James) Hamish Stuart, Scottish musician of the Average White Band
Hamish Hartlett, Australian rules footballer
Hamish McIntosh, Australian rules footballer
Hamish John Hamilton Marshall, New Zealand cricketer; twin brother James Marshall
Milo Hamish Ferguson (b. 2001), son of TV host and actor Craig Ferguson

Pop Culture References for the name Hamish

Hamish "Hammie" McPherson, character in comic strip "Baby Blues"
Hamish, character in movie "Braveheart"
Hamish, brother of Merida in Pixar's 'Brave," triplet brothers Harris and Hubert
Hamish Ascot, Alice's would-be fiance in movie "Alice in Wonderland"
"Hamish Macbeth," series by M. C. Beaton, British TV series, and its main character
Hamish Alexander, character in the Honorverse series by David Weber
Hamish and Dougal, characters on British radio comedy series "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" and "You'll Have Had Your Tea"
John Hamish Watson, character in Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series