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Gender: M Meaning of Gordon: "great hill" Origin of Gordon: Scottish Gordon's Popularity in 2016: #949

As this long-term Age of Jordans, both male and female, begins to wind down, the neglected Scottish favorite Gordon, with its more distinguished history, could come back as a distinctive alternative. Originally a surname, it was used in honor of nineteenth century general Charles George Gordon, killed defending the city of Khartoum. Conservative but not stodgy, Gordon was a Top 100 name from 1911 to 1943 and is showing some new signs of life. It fell off the charts in 2009 and reentered in 2014.

A contemporary political headliner is former Prime Minister Gordon Brown (born James Gordon), and other distinguished bearers of the name have been photographer and film director Parks, Scottish celebrity chef Ramsay, and the beloved "Sesame Street" character Gordon Robinson. We won't even mention that symbol of corporate greed—Gordon Gekko.

Famous People Named Gordon

James Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister
George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron, English Romantic poet
Gordon Muir Campbell, Canadian politician
Gordon "Gord" Edgar Downie, Canadian singer/songwriter
Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr., American astronaut
Gordon Rupert Dickson, American-Canadian novelist
Alex Gordon, American baseball player
Gordon Gould, American physicist
Gordon Bitner Hinckley, American Mormon leader
Gordon Howe, Canadian ice hockey player
Gordon Hill Jenkins, American arranger and composer
Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Canadian singer-songwriter
Albert Gordon MacRae, American actor/singer
Gordon James Ramsay, Scottish restaurateur & TV personality
Gordon David Strachan, Scottish football manager
Gordon Haddon Clark, American philosopher
Michael Gordon Clifford, Australian guitarist in "5 Seconds of Summer"
Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, English singer-songwriter

Pop Culture References for the name Gordon

Gordon Gekko, main character in "Wall Street" series
Gordon Shumway, character on "Alf"
Gordon Freeman, main character on "Half-Life" series
David "Gordo" Gordon, character on TV's "Lizzie McGuire"
Gordon, train from animated series "Thomas & Friends"
Gordon Robinson, character on TV's "Sesame Street"
Gordon Smallwood, character the movie "The Mothman Prophecies"
Gordon Cahill, character on TV's "Walker, Texas Ranger"
Gordon Cooper Tracy, character from The Thunderbirds series (TV show [1965-66], movie [2004], and TV show remake [2015-]), he was the fourth oldest Tracy son

Gord, Gordan, Gorden, Gordi, Gordie, Gordin, Gordion, Gordius, Gordo, Gordy, Gore, Gorton