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Gender: M Pronunciation: jiles Meaning of Giles: "young goat" Origin of Giles: Greek

One of those names that most Americans find just too too tea-sippingly British to consider; its meaning has led to occasional use for Capricorn boys.

Famous People Named Giles

Giles of Rome, archbishop of Bourges and commentator on the Organon by Aristotle
Giles Deacon, English fashion designer
Giles Bryan Chichester, English MEP
Giles Corey, figure in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials
Giles Martin, English record producer, son of Beatles producer George Martin
Giles Gilbert Scott, English architect
Giles Coren, English journalist and novelist
Giles Gordon K. Barnes, English footballer
Giles Snyder, American newscaster

Pop Culture References for the name Giles

Rupert Giles, character on TV's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Giles Fletcher, character in G. A. Henty's "St. George for England"

Gilean, Jiles, Gile, Gileon, Jyles, Gilette, Gill, Gidie, Gyles, Gide, Gyle, Gillette

Giles's International Variations

Éigid (Irish Gaelic) Egidius (Dutch) Egidio (Italian) Gillis (Danish) Egyed (Hungarian) Gillie (Scottish Gaelic) Idzi, Egidiusz (Polish) Agidius (German) Gil (Spanish) Gilles (French)