Gender: Male Meaning of Gay: "joyful" Origin of Gay: French

Gay Origin and Meaning

The name Gay is a boy's name of French origin meaning "joyful".

The meaning of this word flipped from "cheerful" to "homosexual" during the twentieth century, and it's now almost certainly too loaded to sit comfortably as a baby name. Which is a shame as sound-wise it's very appealing, just a short step away from Gray, Gale and Guy.

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Hraefn_Korax Says:


Name all your children this. Do it. You won't.
I'm going to change my middle name to this. I think everyone should use this name. It has two great meanings, how about that?

Hraefn_Korax Says:


Its a good name. Both meanings are good. I don't know what anyone is talking about. Good on you.

Hraefn_Korax Says:


It's also the Anglicized version of a Greek name, and its usually pronounced GAY-len. The original Greek is Γαληνός or Galēnos.

Hraefn_Korax Says:


do it

April Ludgate Says:


Someone in the comments said they named their son Gay.

I'm a Banana Says:


Gay: Hi I'm Gay.
Leo: Me too! Do you want to go out sometime?
Gay: I'm straight, but my name is Gay.

MariposaButterflyaway Says:


I'm sure you're going to name your kid Straight, right?

I'm a Banana Says:


Even without homophobes you shouldn't name your kid a sexuality.

I'm a Banana Says:


It's not a cruel word but it is not okay to name your kid this.

I'm a Banana Says:


or for a girl

Miri Says:


I don't mind this name. I love the meaning.

Miri Says:


Good for you. I think it's a very nice name.

Eliane Says:


Galen is not pronounced Gay-len, it's GAH-len as it is a slavic name.

NerdyNameGeek Says:


I understand being proud of your sexuality, but this is a little too far...

roseofjune Says:


It should be common logic to not name your kids after slang for sexual orientation of any direction. Sorry folks!

roseofjune Says:


Same principle applies even if Gay meant heterosexual.

MonikerWanderer Says:


I hope you're joking. Please be joking. That kid is going to want to change his name real quick.

I understand that public pressure can be bad sometimes and you want to defy the norm, but really, people telling you this name is stupid are right and you really should listen to them.

maddiepie Says:


But meanwhile, let's not use the name Gay on any of our children.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I don't get it. Reading all these panicked comments gives me the impression that there is a hoard of people somewhere, desperate to use this name. But there isn't. People, Gay has not been in the top 1000 in any English speaking country for quite a long time - because we all know that it doesn't just mean 'happy' anymore. Therefore society by and large has stopped using it. So chill everyone. Sit back and appreciate this antique name for what it is, a currently lost treasure that, I'm sure, will be back in full force in another generation or two, alongside its cousins: Gaylord and Gaynor.

cabosanmucus Says:


I worked with a guy named Galen (I think that's how it's spelled) pronounced gay len and no one teased him. But gay by itself--don't even think about it, is exactly right.

cabosanmucus Says:


"Hi, I'm Gay" is a real icebreaker...

hflynn77 Says:


Poor kid

spaceboy Says:


I, too, am Gay.

But my name is River.


Poppet93 Says:


It'll make him an outcast. Just because you can name your kid that doesn't mean you should. There is only so much bullying a kid can take and if he is faced with that every day of his life he's going to become totally depressed and either change his name or hate his parents forever. When he's a kid, he'll get bullied. When he's a young man, he'll get laughed at by work ever stop to think what he want's to do when he grows up? A soldier or a teacher? Private Gay (Last Name)...Mr Gay (Last Name)...he's going to get the piss ripped out of him daily!

Poppet93 Says:



Yessica Says:



csd267 Says:


As if being homosexual is an insult.

gleek.freak4 Says:


what are you talking about...?

gleek.freak4 Says:


ugh... the ignorance

Maevetbrennan Says:


It would just start teasing and a life time of misery- your child will change their name at first chance.

JessicaRK467 Says:


A lot of names that were accepted in past generations have different connotations for people today. People say that they don't want to bow down to public pressure and that's fine. I get that. I just have a problem with one your baby's NAME the place were you really want to make that stand? It's your baby's name! You aren't exactly fighting're just giving your baby a name that will make immature people snicker behind their back their whole life. It just doesn't seem fair.

Zelliew Says:


Yes! That's the point !

kiwipop Says:


This name just wouldn't "fly" in today's society.

Vadge Sinclair Says:


This was my great-grandfather's name. It means happy. I named my son Gay. I am not going bow into public pressure and not give him a name that means something to us. It will make him a strong boy.

kiwipop Says:


Definitely not for a boy.

KaylaC Says:


With or without the homosexual aspect of this name, this would be cute as a middle name for a girl. But I don't understand why anyone would use this on a boy...past or present.

franklyjennifer Says:



hazelmae Says:


Dear Lord in Heaven Almighty! Please do not name your poor child Gay! (I am praying to God that this is a troll.)

Guest Says:


don't be evil.



i think this is a great gender-neutral name. definitely going on my top ten list!!! thanks nameberry

madmaddie Says:


Hi, I'm Gay. Really, people? This will definitely encounter teasing, and while I wouldn't be the one doing it, it'll still be too much for a kid to bear.

Nicole4383 Says:


Unfortunately it's a cruel world out there and you would just be making your child a target for bullying if you chose this name.

basilietea Says:


No, no, no, PLEASE. It might've been cute quite awhile ago, but now it's pretty unusable because it's another term for homosexual... Don't inflict this on your child.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Map-DORK, I am sorry that the above comment exists,
. I myself have not been on for awhile. There was a person who got onto my account while I was gone and wrote that, as well as a bunch of mean comments. I am still in the process of changing them.

raevynstar Says:


It would be nice if this was still an antiquated term for "happy". It sounds like a nickname for Gabriel.

Map-DORK Says:


Idiots did not change this word , Theodora .

unless you're calling ostracized homosexual people who wanted to find a LESS CLINICAL word to unite under.

Map-DORK Says:


My point , exactly!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Sorry all about the comment that was on here earlier. I t was written by someone who got onto my account and wrote a whole bunch of this to make me look bad. I now am in the process of fixing the comments.

Guest Says:


It means "happy" but now it's synonymous with "homosexual"

ambg Says:


Unfortunately, plenty of people are still way too homophobic for a name like that to ever fly. Don't do it.

Map-DORK Says:


Why the heck would you even give that name to your baby?!