Gay Origin and Meaning

The name Gay is a girl's name of French origin meaning "joyful".

The meaning of this word flipped from "cheerful" to "homosexual" during the twentieth century, and it's now almost certainly too loaded to sit comfortably as a baby name. Which is a shame as sound-wise it's very appealing, just a short step away from Faye, May, and Rae.

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Gay Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Gay

  • Gay KaylerAustralian country music singer
  • Gay HamiltonScottish actress
  • Gay Seabrook (born Gladys Johnson)American actress
  • Gabriel "Gay" WoodsIrish singer of band Steeleye Span
  • Gay Kristine Jacobsen D'AsaroAmerican fencer
  • Gay SearchEnglish TV presenter
  • Gay McDougallAmerican human rights activist
  • Mary Gabrielle "Gay" ThompsonAustralian politician
  • Gay VernonAmerican radio personality in Boston
  • Marcia Gay HardenAmerican actress
  • Imogen Gay PootsEnglish actress

Gay in Pop Culture

  • "Gay" Van Burennickname for character Shay Van Buren of YouTube show "The Most Popular Girls in School"
  • Gaythe main character in Zelda Fitzgerald's short story "The original follies girl"